Eco-friendly coffee for bars

Eco-friendly coffee for bars

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned about the origin and processing of the food they eat. Hence, organic products have become part of many people’s daily lives.

And one of the products that has become a trend in the hospitality business is organic coffee for bars. Therefore, in this article we will talk about, among other things, the characteristics, advantages and benefits of serving organic coffee in bars, cafés and restaurants.

Read to the end, and find out how organic coffee can become an added value for your business and a great support for the environment.

Organic coffee for bars: What is it?

To incorporate organic coffee into the drinks menu of your gastronomic business, you first need to know all the details about this product. This way, you will be able to recognise it and select the best when buying organic coffee for your catering business.

Ecological coffee, also called organic coffee, is a product that has been cultivated without using any type of chemical or pesticide. Its production is carried out under strict quality control and without harming nature.

Organic coffees for bars

In addition, this type of coffee is given special care at all times. It starts with the preparation of the soil, followed by planting, which is carried out using the shade cultivation technique.

Harvesting is done by hand, selecting only the best beans. This is followed by roasting and packaging.

All the processes that organic coffee for bars goes through not only avoid damaging the environment, but also produce a higher quality coffee. And for this reason, many businesses have opted to start using this type of coffee in their establishments.

Characteristics of organic coffee

There are many differences between classic coffee and organic coffee. The latter stands out for certain characteristics or qualities, which we mention below:

  • The main characteristic of organic or ecological coffee is the absolute absence of chemical additives in all the processes of its production. This gives it an incomparable flavour.
  • The organic coffee plant is always planted under the shade of other trees such as orange, banana and others. This ensures that the soil retains the necessary humidity to make it more fertile.
  • The organic coffee beans are dried, roasted and ground using traditional methods. The whole process avoids the use of industrial machinery.
  • For lovers of traditional coffee, this has a special flavour and aroma. These characteristics are enhanced in organic coffee, thanks to the careful care it is subjected to during its production.
  • The special cultivation techniques used on organic coffee trees not only increase the quality and flavour, but also reduce the caffeine levels of the product.
  • As you may have noticed, obtaining organic coffee is an arduous and careful process, which is why its prices are much higher than traditional coffee.
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Benefits of organic coffee in bars, cafes and restaurants

Now we will talk about the benefits of offering organic coffee to the customers of your eco-friendly restaurant, bar or café

Advantages of organic coffee

On-trend business

As we mentioned before, the preference for products obtained in a natural way, respecting the environment, is a growing trend. Therefore, it is convenient for any restaurant business to incorporate the sale of organic coffee for bars in the drinks menu.

In this way, your establishment will not be left behind in this growing trend and will satisfy all the tastes and preferences of the market.

You add more customers

In addition to the usual clientele who come to your establishment to taste their coffee, you will add another important representation of customers. We are referring to all those people interested in consuming this type of organic coffee in restaurants, bars and cafés, as it is more natural, healthy and of the highest quality.

Quality product

The owners of bars, restaurants and cafés know that there is no better way to retain customers than by offering them the best quality products. Organic coffee for the hotel and catering industry is a gourmet product, cultivated with artisan procedures and manual care, from the moment it is grown until it is roasted.

Moreover, it is a product that is not exposed to chemical fertilisers or fungicides, so its quality, exquisite aroma and flavour is admirable.

Greater profitability

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, so it is very profitable for catering businesses to offer it to their customers. And as mentioned above, more and more people are choosing to consume only naturally sourced products, either for health reasons or to protect the environment.

So, offering organic coffee in your bar is a good opportunity to increase the profitability of your business.

You take care of the environment

If you implement the use of organic coffee in your bar or restaurant, you are supporting the care of the environment by reducing your ecological footprint. As you know, because of its production system, organic coffee helps to preserve the fertility of the soil and contributes to biological diversity.

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Logically, organic coffee should be served in suitable containers such as eco-friendly cardboard cups for the catering trade . There are many biodegradable containers on the market, made of cane fibre, cornstarch, bamboo, etc. They are the perfect combination for serving organic coffee.

Types of organic coffee for catering

There are two varieties of organic coffee with specific characteristics. These are:

Types of organic coffee
  • Arabica coffee: This is the ideal type of organic coffee for catering, due to its delicate flavour and other excellent qualities.
  • Robusta coffee: Although this is also a quality organic coffee, its flavour is much stronger than Arabica, and even leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth. It also has a higher caffeine content.

On the other hand, organic coffee can be found in different presentations. We will talk about each of these types below:

Organic coffee beans for bars

This type of coffee is suitable for use in special coffee shop machines that incorporate grinders to grind the beans during preparation. It is also preferred by bar experts, as they consider that freshly ground coffee concentrates its flavour, texture and aroma better.

Organic ground coffee

Although, when you buy pre-ground coffee for your business, you know that its flavour will not compare with the fragrance and freshness of freshly ground coffee, it does have other advantages. For example, it is much quicker and easier to prepare as no grinding is required.

Another important advantage of organic ground coffee is that it is cheaper than coffee beans. So, if you need to cut costs in your establishment, ground coffee is the option for you.

Organic coffee in capsules

Organic coffee capsules make it easier to prepare a greater quantity and variety of coffees in less time. In fact, they are the right choice for businesses with a high volume of customers. You just have to consider that their cost is much higher than the previous ones.

how to identify real organic coffee for bars?

If you are running a catering business and want to add organic coffee to your drinks menu, you need to make sure that your suppliers really do sell 100% organic coffee. Here’s what to look out for.

Those who grow organic coffee must adhere to certain production and processing standards. This is the only way to obtain certification that the coffee is really of high quality, free of chemicals and that its production has not negatively affected the environment.

So the organic certification seal and the traceability of the product is the only thing that guarantees that you are really buying 100% organic coffee.

This concludes our article on organic coffee for bars . Surely you want to be part of the catering businesses that have joined the support of a fairer economy and care for the environment through organic products in their establishments. If so, bear in mind that organic coffee for bars is the best option to start with

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