Kraft boxes and packaging: the eco alternative for your restaurant delivery

Kraft boxes and packaging: the eco alternative for your restaurant delivery

are you looking for the ideal ecologicalpackaging to optimise or boost the delivery or take away service in your restaurant? Then… congratulations! In this article, we will show you the best alternatives for kraft boxes and packaging that you will find on the market.

There is such a wide variety of eco-friendly materials used in the production of take away packaging that catering managers who decide to support sustainability in their restaurant have many options to choose from.

One of the most outstanding is the kraftas well as minimising environmental impact, it has other excellent qualities that make it the perfect alternative for the delivery of your gastronomic business. Continue reading and find out about all the advantages that the kraft packaging has to offer.

why use sustainable packaging for your restaurant’s delivery service?

It’s no secret that food delivery got a big boost during the confinement imposed by the covid 19 pandemic. And this trend is here to stay, as today delivery is more booming than ever.

packages and boxes for food

This is good for the profitability of food businesses, but not so for the environment. The amount of waste that is thrown into the rubbish from this type of take-away food service is staggering.

Fortunately, more and more catering managers have become aware of this unfortunate reality and have opted to use eco-sustainable packaging for the delivery of their businesses. Hence, when purchasing disposabletake away containers and packaging, they opt for those made from high quality recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials, in an attempt to reduce the ecological footprint of their restaurant.

Materials used to produce eco-sustainable packaging

One of the most influential points in the ecological footprint of your business is the materials used for delivery packaging. Therefore, it is good to know which materials are suitable to avoid damaging the environment and at the same time take advantage of this highly profitable trend for restaurants today.

Here are some of the most popular eco-friendly materials used in delivery.


This plant-based material is biodegradable, 100% compostable, and stands out for its high resistance, as it can withstand oiled, frozen and very wet food very well. In addition, it can withstand high temperatures, up to a maximum of 200º Celsius, so it can be used in microwaves and ovens, which makes it perfect for take-away orders.

In addition, the neutral taste of bamboo does not affect the food it contains. Bamboo is not only used for packaging but also for cutlery. For all these reasons, bamboo is one of the best options for your delivery packaging,

Corrugated cardboard

This is a biodegradable material widely used in the packaging industry. This material is usually made of pulp from paper or cardboard. It is a very resistant material which protects food very well and is very useful in food businesses.

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In addition to this, corrugated cardboard is a recyclable material, as it can be reused more than 5 times. So if it has not been stained with grease, the consumer can dispose of it in the blue container, and later it can be reused, or even used for new packaging.

Kraft cardboard

Kraft card board is obtained from pine trees from forestry plantations and is therefore FSC-certified. It is a fully recyclable material, which makes it suitable for the manufacture of boxes and delivery packaging.

Kraft cardboard is used for the manufacture of food packaging because it is very versatile and highly resistant.


Another option used for packaging take away packagingis bagasse. This material comes from the remains generated by the sugar cane once the juices have been extracted. It is a material resistant to high temperatures and stands out for its great capacity to come into contact with liquids without suffering any damage.

It is biodegradable, very light and easy to handle. All these characteristics give it great potential for the manufacture of food packaging.


This product is obtained from the wood of trees that are cultivated exclusively for the extraction of cellulose. In addition, when the trees are cut down to extract it, many more are planted.

Although this material is not widely used in packaging as such, it has other uses that can also be applied to the delivery of some businesses. For example, one of the most common uses of cellulose is for sushi trays.


PLA is a bioplastic that is widely used today. It is made from sugars extracted from corn. The structure of this material allows moisture to circulate easily, making it ideal for serving salads, as it will keep food fresh.

PLA is considered the biodegradable plastic, because of its similarity to common plastic. It does not withstand high temperatures very well, so it is advisable to serve cold food in it. Although there is a variation called CPLA, which resists higher temperatures, up to 80º, and is usually used for the production of cutlery.


Wood is a resistant, strong and compostable material, which is why it is used for the production of packaging and eco-sustainable cutlery. Although wood has been exploited since the beginning of our existence as a species, nowadays, forestry measures are required for the felling of this resource, trying to support the growth of new trees.

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Reasons to prefer boxes and packaging kraft for delivery of your restaurant

Here are a few reasons that will convince you to choose kraft take-away boxes and packaging for your restaurant delivery and take-away services.


The versatility of kraft paperboard or kraft paper allows you to find kraft boxes and packaging in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. This feature is very favourable, as you can choose the ones that best suit the needs of the food you put in them.

Promotion of your brand

The packaging kraft paper and cardboard packaging can be printed, so you can use it as a promotional tool for your restaurant. You could also use the packaging to print the ingredients of the dish, promote other menus, include the slogan of your restaurant or any other information you prefer.

Low cost

Kraft packaging is one of the most economical packaging you can find on the market. So in addition to acquiring packaging made of an excellent material for delivery and take away, they will also allow you to save on costs.

You will add customers

More and more consumers prefer and demand environmentally friendly packaging to take their food home. These environmentally conscious people are potential customers that you will attract by using kraftfor your deliverybecause they are more sustainable and recyclable.

Increased profitability

As more and more environmentally conscious consumers are concerned about the environment, your business will increase its profitability if you decide to opt for environmentally-friendly take away. This is because by attracting more customers, you will also increase your cash flow.

Tips for implementing sustainable take away and delivery in your business

Take away and sustainable delivery

As mentioned above, because of the pandemic, delivery and take away has become a trend in gastronomic businesses. So here are some tips on how to implement take away and delivery in your business, while reducing your environmental footprint and helping the ecosystem.

  • Use biodegradable materials: Avoid using environmentally polluting materials. It is advisable to use containers, cutlery and packaging made of biodegradable materials that have a lower impact on the ecosystem.
  • Use recyclable bags: Not only food packaging and cutlery should be sustainable, make sure that the bags in which we put the food packages are also made of recyclable material. The same goes for delivery items such as trays and others.
  • Encourage recycling: A very good way to raise awareness and at the same time save materials and money is to encourage recycling. For example, you could offer a discount to customers who return packaging.
  • Deliveries by bicycle: Using bicycles for deliveries may not be as fast, but it is much safer and helps the environment. Other vehicles produce a lot of CO2 (carbon dioxide), which increases global warming and the carbon footprint of your business.

Finally, we would like to know your opinion on our article on boxes and packaging kraft as an eco-sustainable alternative for delivery your restaurant’s delivery service. Please read below your comments on this initiative to achieve a delivery service with less impact on the environment

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