9 tips for healthy and delicious eating in a restaurant

If you want to take care of your health, you should undoubtedly eat healthily: avoid sugar, abstain from frying, eat enough vegetables.. Although following a diet is not easy, cooking food yourself can make things easier. But what do you do if you have to eatout? How do you eat healthy and delicious in a restaurant? From Greenuso we bring you a list of 9 tips that will help you to eat healthy when you visit a food establishment. If you want to take care of yourself and continue to enjoy eating out with your friends, stay with us and pay close attention

Eating healthy and tasty in a restaurant, is it possible?

Eatingoutconstantly is a habit associated with being overweight. If you are on a diet and want to lose or maintain your weight, it is definitely not advisable for you to eat out frequently. Although, it is preferable a home feeding how to do when we are invited to a restaurant? And what about those who need to feed themselves outside because of their work rhythm? Is there a solution? Yes, there is. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to eat healthy in a restaurant. Basically, you should pay attention to the food you eat and how much you eat.

9 tips for healthy eating in a restaurant

When it comes to eating healthy in a restaurant the following 9 tips are of great help:

1. Choose the right restaurant

Before going out to eat, you should choose the restaurant carefully, taking into account the type of food it offers. It would be a good idea to choose establishments that fit into the following categories:

  • Grill: In these establishments you can eat grilled meat, which is much healthier than eating it fried.
  • Japanese food: they offer a low-fat menu as it is mainly made up of raw fish and grains.
  • Vegetarian: these restaurants base their dishes on vegetables and legumes, ideal if you want to eat healthy.
  • Organic: some studies assure that this type of food is healthier than the conventional one.
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However, don’t get too confident! Not everything these establishments offer is healthy. In fact, if you can check the menu from home on the restaurant’s website it would be excellent. That way you can make sure they have healthy options and make your choice beforehand without feeling pressured by the waiter or your colleagues.

2. Eat something healthy before you leave home

It is not recommended that you arrive at the restaurant on a completely empty stomach. In such a case you will only want to satisfy the pressing hunger you will have and probably won’t think much about your choice. In this sense, eating a healthy meal before you leave home can help you control yourself and not eat too much in the restaurant. You can choose from fruit, low-fat yoghurt, nuts, light jelly or coffee. Of course, remember to leave a space for what you eat in the establishment.

3. The healthiest thing you can drink is water

Water is the healthiest drink you can choose to accompany your meal in the restaurant. You can order it natural, with a touch of lemon or even with gas to feel that bubbling in your mouth.

comer sano y rico en un restaurante

Of course, there are also other healthy drinks such as natural fruit juice, lemonade or iced tea. But make sure that what you drink contains little or no sugar, otherwise we consume too many calories. On the other hand, we suggest that you avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible. You are allowed to have a glass of red wine or a beer sporadically. Just try not to do it too often.

4. Choose a healthy dish

If you did not have the opportunity to read the menu online before arriving at the restaurant, read it carefully and calmly to choose your order.

comer sano y rico en un restaurante

You should refrain from fried, dipped or breaded foods because of their high calorie content. The preferred cooking methods are: steaming, papillote, boiling, roasting and grilling. These reduce the amount of fat used during cooking.

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We recommend that you opt for a single dish consisting mainly of vegetables. Of course, you should also include a source of protein such as a piece of fish, chicken, beef or vegetables. And as far as carbohydrates are concerned, you can choose an appropriate portion of rice, pasta or bread.

5. Modify the plate if necessary

If you definitely do not find a very healthy option in the menu you can request some changes in your dish of interest. In most restaurants this is possible because meeting the needs of the customers is a priority. So, you can exchange some side dishes or garnishes such as chips for healthier ones available. Also, you could ask for a reduced portion of the main course to contain a high percentage of vegetables.

6. As for the sauces and dressings

If you want to avoid calories it is preferable to abstain from white sauces and sweet dressings. It is best to opt for preparations based on garlic, parsley, olive oil, soy sauce, among others. We recommend that you order thesauces or dressings in a separate container and not directly on the food. Do not pour them on the plate, better dip the fork in them before taking a bite. This way you will consume less of these substances, and therefore fewer calories.

7. What about dessert?

If you fancy a healthy dessert, you can opt for a fruit salad, low-fat yoghurt, coffee or an infusion. A simple apple, pear or any fruit is also an excellent option to close that meal with a pleasant taste in your mouth. However, you may not resist the temptation and decide to eat a brownie, ice cream, cake or similar dessert. In that case, you should at least share it with someone else to reduce your calorie intake.

8. Eat slowly

This is advisable because it takes our body some time to tell us that it is satiated. Eating your food little by little will help you pay attention to your stomach and eat only what is necessary. If at the end you have some food left on your plate you can always order it to go or give it to a companion who wants it. Remember that you should not eat if you do not want more.

9. Be consistent

Consistency is extremely important if you want to eat healthy. However, if you ever go off your diet don’t be discouraged – get back on track and get on with your eating programme! Finally, from Greenuso we hope that you can apply these 9 tips for healthy eating in a restaurant. If you want you can start by applying just a few of them, the idea is not to feel overwhelmed.

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