Ecological wooden plates. Uses and advantages

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Wooden cooking utensils have been used since ancient times. Wooden dishes have always been the favorite, because they don’t leave a metallic taste in the food and are of better quality. Today, ecological wooden dishes have become very popular, as their use contributes to the protection of the environment.

They are made of materials such as palm leaves, cane pulp and bamboo, which do not generate as much environmental impact. They are more environmentally friendly wood alternatives and turn out to be of very good quality. They are widely marketed and there are specialized stores for it.

If you had no idea of their existence or want to know more about ecological wooden dishes, uses and advantages, read on to the end where I will tell you all about it

Why is it not advisable to use wooden dishes from trees?

Conventional wooden plates, in many cases are produced by cutting down the trees in the forest. Let’s remember that, at the moment, we are trying to avoid this practice because it has had a great impact on the climate change of the planet. Protectionists have tried to raise awareness of this issue to contribute to the conservation of the environment.

In addition, dishes and other tools made from other types of wood can have chemical treatments on their surfaces. This is done in order to reduce their porosity and prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi. However, they can be toxic for use with food, as they can react with some substances.

That’s why we use raw woods like bamboo, sugar cane pulp and palm leaves. Many companies have had the initiative to produce dishes from this type of wood because they are very safe with food.

What are the advantages of using ecological wooden plates?

Acquiring wooden plates from these materials brings with it a number of good reasons, know what they are:

Ecological and economical

This type of wooden plates are much more economical, bamboo, pine, palm leaves, or cane pula are very easy to reproduce. They are of constant and easy growth which avoids excessive deforestation and is a good option to support ecology.

After their useful life is over, these dishes can be buried in the garden and used for composting. Most of them can be degraded within 3 years and provide minerals to the soil. This type is quite short compared to other materials that take much longer to degrade.

Attractive designs

As they are made of bamboo fibers, sugar cane pulp, pressed palm leaves each will have a unique design. None will have a similar design to the other and this is precisely what attracts these ecological wooden plates.


This type of material is very light to the touch, no matter what size they are designed for. Therefore, they are easy to transport and there is no risk of breakage in falls.


Although these materials are ecological and biodegradable, they are very resistant to any type of food. Their surface is non-stick so they are not damaged even when the knife is cut. This turns out to be very beneficial because it avoids the accumulation of bacteria and fungi in the grooves.


Most conventional wooden plates require special treatment with chemicals to protect their surface. This brings with it alterations in the flavours and interactions with the fatty acids in the food.

The food served on these ecological wooden plates does not change its taste because it does not contain toxic chemicals.

Low maintenance

These dishes are becoming increasingly popular in the market because they require little maintenance. Their resistance to absorb liquids prevents them from deforming or cracking in any way, which in turn guarantees greater durability.

They provide a lot of appearance

The foods that are served on these types of dishes look much more appealing and attractive. They give an elegant touch to the table, although they can be served perfectly for different scenarios, such as a picnic.

What are the uses of ecological wooden plates?

These plates are widely used in homes for their simplicity and versatility. However, thanks to their soft brown colour and spectacular designs they can be served perfectly for a special lunch or dinner. They are even ideal for family gatherings and other celebrations.

Their fresh designs allow you to use them in country settings, a picnic, barbecues or outdoor celebrations. There is no impediment to their use, they can be adapted to any style.

However, the most common way to use them is in the dining room of your home to share any meal with your loved ones. You don’t need many additional elements to make these dishes more eye-catching. They alone are the perfect complement to any design and decoration.

You can find them in various shapes, square, oval, round and rectangular. Also, you can buy them by the unit or in some complete set of dishes.

Remember that this is an ecological and biodegradable product and by using it you are contributing to the conservation of the environment. Without a doubt, this is one of the easiest ways to contribute to improving our planet.

Are the ecological wooden plates easy to get at the market?

Nowadays they are widely available, but I will recommend you a very special place where you can find them at the best price. From our online store Greenuso.com you will find the best ecological wooden dishes.

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