Organic products that conquer the net

Every day new products appear, innovative, focused on achieving the welfare of the environment, responding to the needs of consumption that we have.

These products promote the reduction of carbon dioxide levels, the saving of non-renewable resources, such as water and wood, among others.

In addition to the appearance of new products, there is evidence of increases among groups of people who have become aware of the damage we are causing to the planet. Promoting a new lifestyle and consumption model.

What are organic products?

Green products are those that generate the lowest possible footprint during the entire process of raw material collection, processing, manufacturing, distribution, sale and disposal.

In addition, companies that manufacture products that are sympathetic to ecological causes are concerned about the treatment of sewage and the reforestation of forests, for example.

In that sense, the member countries of the European Union have a joint legislation that prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms in the production of any product. This is also respected by organic products.

Over time, the production of this type of product has grown. This reality allows us to satisfy different facets of our daily life and at a very competitive price.

Better organic products you can buy on the Internet

There are a large number of products that, thanks to various scientific advances, make ecological living much easier and faster to achieve.

These organic products, which are practical for everyday use, also help to reduce environmental pollution in small steps.

Ink based on carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles

Tinta a base de emisiones de dióxido de carbono de vehículos

An emerging company in India developed a way to create ink, for various uses, by transforming the carbon emission of vehicles.

In order to obtain the ink, Indian scientists absorb the pollution from the cars, and then proceed to the elimination of the metals that compose it.

The result is a pigment that can be used in various industries dedicated to the manufacture of paints and inks.

The ink is of good quality and enjoys great popularity, in principle because it is a product that is born from the transformation of a problem and because it is not toxic.

Little by little, the manufacturing company – besides the ink – has presented to the market an important range of products, from markers to printer ink, and they continue working to increase their catalogue of solutions.

Recycled Toilet Paper

Papel higiénico reciclado

A company of Australian origin developed a type of toilet paper that is made from bamboo and recycled paper, without the use of any type of plastic.

In addition to selling a 100% recycled product, the company allocates 50% of its profits to developing countries, with a focus on supporting environmental sanitation policies.

Thanks to this type of initiative, 6,000 tons of greenhouse gases have been reduced, almost 50,000 trees have been avoided and nearly 98 million liters of water have been saved.

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And when we say no plastic, as a manufacturing policy of this company, we include packaging.

The product is sold wrapped in a printed paper that can be reused. When they leave the factory, they are arranged in boxes that are also made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Edible cutlery

Cubiertos comestibles

Another innovation from India is edible cutlery. This cutlery is manufactured by a local company, founded in 2010, which was born with the intention of working on reducing the use of plastic and pollution levels.

Then they took the initiative to produce edible cutlery with sorghum flour, wheat and rice. With these ingredients they make spoons, forks and chopsticks that can be sweet or salty.

You can use them within three years, respecting the rules of use and maintenance. In case you want to consume some liquid, they can be submerged for 20 minutes without falling apart.

The vision of efficient use of resources, promoted by this factory, led them to achieve the manufacture of 100 edible cutlery with the same amount of energy used to make a common plastic spoon.

Leather made from pineapples

Cuero hecho con piñas

From the Philippines comes another great innovation, the manufacture of leather products from pineapple.

The initiator of the idea, a former consultant to the leather industry in the Philippines, realized that the leather production process is polluting, so she decided to look for a more environmentally friendly way of obtaining this material.

Thanks to the improvement of the technique used, at present they can manufacture leather of different types, sizes and thicknesses.

The resulting leather is of superior quality and is attracting the attention of many companies in the fashion sector, who are showing interest in making their products with this material, which is much cheaper than leather and friendly to the ecosystem.

This is why you should use eco-friendly products

Por esto deberías usar productos ecológicos

Beyond being products that help reduce pollution levels in a considerate way, there are other reasons to bet on the use of these products.

Here are some of them.

No chemical additives of any kind

No chemicals harmful to the environment or living beings are used in the manufacture of organic products.

These substances, when used frequently, have been identified as causing various health problems such as osteoporosis, migraines and heart failure.

No harmful substances such as pesticides

Every day there are many farmers who use pesticides to care for their crops, unaware that every single food item there is left with pesticide residues.

These products are dangerous for the worker and for the consumer, since a link has been made between the components of pesticides and certain diseases such as cancer.

Also, spraying these substances into the environment causes a great impact. This is because it releases carbon dioxide, causing irreparable damage to the atmosphere.

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Respect for the ecosystem is cultivated

These products stop, in many ways, the degradation of the environment

Preventing the desertification of soils, not polluting major water sources and maintaining the habitats of some species are just some of the positive impacts they generate.

Also, with the use of ecological fertilizers and the application of extensive livestock farming, the production capacity in the agricultural and livestock sector is naturally increased.

This is how organic products are identified

Así se identifican los productos ecológicos

Every product must have a seal confirming that it is of organic origin and this information must be as visible as the product’s compounds.

In the European Union, the elaboration of this type of products is governed under a series of parameters that are established by the Council of Production and Labeling of Ecological Products.

These regulations establish the procedures that must be complied with to manufacture, transport, store, label and sell each of the ecological products that are manufactured.

Since July 2010, it has been mandatory for all products obtained through procedures inherent to the organic industry to visibly bear the new logo designated by the European Union.

The first logo was launched in 1990 and was placed on a voluntary basis. It is still in circulation on some products, even though it was replaced in 2010.

The function of this logo is to ensure that the manufacturers of organic products comply with each of the requirements of the regulations, as well as being quality products for the consumer.

Where to buy organic products?

Dónde comprar productos ecológicos

If you are part of the hotel and catering sector, have a catering service or are looking for ecological products for personal consumption, at Greenuso we offer you several options.

Our online store is composed of a large number of high quality and environmentally friendly products, manufactured with products from processes that do not generate negative impact on the planet.

Among our products for food service you will find: ecological plates, biodegradable glasses, compostable cutlery, recycled napkins, tablecloths, among others.

In addition, we have products such as eco-friendly cardboard boxes, available for a variety of uses, including moving, shipping books and storage.

To promote the ecology in your business, we have a wide variety of ecological bags, with which you will comply with the current regulations that promote the cessation of the use of plastic in this type of products.

In this sense, you will find reusable bags, compostable bags, paper bags, cloth bags and biodegradable bags.

All our products respect the regulations that govern the manufacture of these types of products and are available in our online shop.

We have a delivery service throughout Spain, thanks to which you will receive your products, at the address you indicate, in a maximum of 48 hours after your order has been confirmed.

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