Organic cosmetics – Respectful beauty

The appearance of the ecological cosmetics are a clear sign of how far the human being has come in the manufacture of polluting articles of the planet. Why? There is more plastic in the cosmetics that are used every day than you might think.

In ancient times the Greeks and Romans used cosmetics. This term comes from the Greek kosmeticós, whose meaning is related to ornament.

Cosmetics are used to highlight or conceal any feature of a person, obtaining an improved appearance as a result, hiding imperfections and caring for the skin.

Today’s cosmetics or organic cosmetics are based on the use of natural products, leaving aside traditional products, made with polluting raw materials and, in the worst cases, tested on live animals.

To learn a little more about the options available on the market, read on and discover the world of advantages that ecological cosmetics have to offer.

What is cosmetics?

Qué es la cosmética

Cosmetics is a discipline that focuses on caring for, improving and preserving the skin, hair and body shape of both men and women.

Cosmetics have two approaches – natural and industrial – with particular characteristics that differentiate them.

Industrial cosmetics involves various branches of study such as medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and biology. Currently, many of its procedures are under the magnifying glass of hundreds of organizations around the world.

For its part, natural cosmetics do not use chemical elements to make their various products. In this way, results are achieved that do not produce allergies or represent risks to the health of the people who use them.

Eco cosmetics What does it consist of?

Cosmética eco ¿En qué consiste?

The eco or ecological cosmetics consists of the philosophy of using products of natural origin, with extracts of plants, free of artificial compounds.

The focus of ecological cosmetics not only seeks to beautify and promote the care of the skin, hair and body figure but also to diminish the effects of the industry on the environment.

Another important feature of eco cosmetics is the development of fair trade policies, where farmers are protected and policies for community development are promoted.

In terms of packaging, organic cosmetics companies use recyclable material under minimal processing.

It is important to emphasize that the production and elaboration processes of these products are carried out with components free of petroleum derivatives, they contain plant extracts and essential oils.

Main characteristics of eco cosmetology

Características principales de la cosmetología eco

Among the most outstanding characteristics of ecological cosmetics we have:

  • Innocuousness on the skin: due to the use of organic substances related to the skin that integrate more easily to our organism. At the same time, they favour the regeneration of the skin and prevent it from drying out.
  • They do not contain perfumes or preservatives: only essential oils are used in eco cosmetics to give their products their aroma.
  • Environmentally friendly: due to the composition and materials used in its manufacture and packaging, it is a 100% environmentally friendly product.
  • Recyclable packaging and transport: recycled or reusable packaging is used in eco cosmetics. On the other hand, to minimize the consumption of fuel for transport of materials, the cosmetics are made with local products.

It is important to note that organic cosmetics avoid the use of ingredients that are harmful to health in their production, nor are they tested on animals.

Benefits of using organic makeup

Beneficios de utilizar maquillaje ecológico

Make-up is one of the beauty products that has always been present on the market. Nowadays, ecological makeup is an environmentally friendly alternative that provides countless benefits, among which we can mention

  • They are 100% natural products.
  • The plants selected for its manufacture come from controlled cultivation.
  • Free of heavy materials and pesticides.
  • Made with fresh ingredients.
  • They offer greater protection on delicate skin.
  • It has regenerative and moisturizing properties on the skin.
  • It has no side effects or harmful to health.
  • They do not present risks of use in coeliacs, nor in pregnant women.

Because of these benefits and many more, eco makeup is considered the best option for skin care and promoting the green movement.

Harmful substances found in traditional cosmetics

Sustancias dañinas que se encuentran en los cosméticos tradicionales

Due to the current chaos in the production of traditional cosmetics, in which substances that damage health and the environment are found, some people are no longer willing to purchase these products, which has a direct and negative impact on sales.

On the other hand, once cosmetics come into contact with the environment and our hands, they are exposed to a certain degree of pollution, produced by bacteria that are harmful to health: Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus that bring as consequence infections, allergies and irritations.

Sponges, brushes and make-up applicators are also a sensitive medium for contamination.

These products -in some occasions- are exposed to water, and keep the humidity, to achieve a better application of the product on the skin, which leads to an inadequate conservation and proliferation of bacteria.

In this sense, it is important the cleaning and care of these implements, as well as the verification of the expiration date of the cosmetics to avoid any type of affections.

Some organic cosmetics

Algunos cosméticos ecológicos

The decision to use eco make-up arises from the need to commit to sustainable, ecological and environmentally responsible products.

In support of this type of initiative, the certification of its materials was approved as a guarantee to ensure the quality of ecological cosmetics for consumers.

There are several organic brands available in the market, each with different characteristics that offer natural ingredients that, in a sustainable way, cause the minimum impact to the environment.

To endorse their products, eco cosmetics firms seek recognition from international bodies that certify the composition, procedure and packaging of their products, indicating that the content of these is natural and ecological.

For their part, the international bodies in charge of certifying each ecological product focus on analyzing the responsible use of natural resources, the absence of petroleum-derived ingredients, the use of recyclable packaging and respect for diversity, among other requirements.

If the brand meets all the requirements, it will receive the certification of ecological product, with a distinctive stamp that is valid throughout Europe.

The Consejo de la Producción Agraria En Navarra (CPAEN), Ecocert and PETA are some of the organisations responsible for carrying out the audits that lead to the accreditation of sustainable practices.

Other organic products

Otros productos ecológicos

As you can imagine, opting for ecological cosmetology is a good step, but it is not the only one you can take to lessen the impact of environmental pollution on our planet.

There are hundreds of options to help our environment, from food to clothing and shoes are manufactured following the strictest standards of production in respect for the environment.

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