Paper bag: Which one is right for your bakery?

Paper bag: Which one is right for your bakery?

If you want to make your bakery business contribute to the conservation of the environment, you should use paper bags.

A bakery paper bag will help you to achieve this, as its use does not imply any negative impact on the environment. Moreover, they are hygienic, economical, resistant and 100% biodegradable. They have been designed so that the products arrive at the customer’s home intact and clean.

Read on and find out which is the right paper bag for your bakery!

Why buy paper bags?

To answer your question, from Greenuso we bring you some reasons to use paper bags and not plastic ones:

  1. They will have a double use in your business. You can use paper bakery bags to pack different products and also as an advertising tool, as they are easily customisable by means of silk-screen printing.
  2. It is 100% biodegradable. Baking paper is an organic material that decomposes easily and does not harm nature.
  3. Variety and functionality. Thanks to the fact that they come in different sizes you can choose the one that best meets your needs. Also, you can use them in pharmacies, fruit shops, restaurants and other businesses.
  4. Highly recyclable. They can be reused to make new paper products, home compost and other uses
  5. Aesthetic designs. They combine different styles and colours, so they are aesthetically more attractive than simple plastic bags.
  6. More sustainable with the planet. The FSC and PEFC seals guarantee that they come from forests with controlled felling, where four trees are planted for one used.
  7. They are economical. Paper bags are usually much more accessible, which is a highly appreciated feature for any business.
  8. They arelightweight and can be used in a variety of ways. Their reuse makes them a viable alternative to help the environment, as they reduce the excessive production of waste.
  9. They are practical and resistant. Depending on its thickness, the paper bag can support great weights, sometimes even more than the plastic ones.
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More and more businesses are taking care of the environment, so join this group and use planet-friendly bags.

Which paper bread bag to choose?

It’s great that you decided to buy paper bread bags. Above all, because they offer distinction to your business and are biodegradable. Planet Earth will thank you for it.

Now, to help you in your choice, let’s go through a list together of the most purchased paper bags on the market. Choose your favourite!

1. Kraft Bakery Paper Bag

This paper bag was specially designed for bakeries that want to convey an eco-responsible image. They can store bread and pastries alike thanks to its elongated shape, thus presenting dimensions from 9 x 32 x 5 cm to 31 x 50 x 8 cm.

Kraft paper bags are reusable, resistant and low cost. For that reason, they stand out among the best-selling models on the market, quickly becoming the favourite of many expert bakers.

2. Paper bag without handles

Another good alternative to consider will be paper bags without handles. They are very practical, resist foods with a high fat content, and even have an excellent gas and aroma barrier.

Nowadays, you can find them in a wide variety of formats and sizes. Moreover, as they are totally biodegradable they are an excellent ingredient for those who want to recycle them and then include them in their home compost.

3. Paper bag with gusset

Another model that earned a place on our list is the bakery paper bag with gusset. This will be suitable for bread, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, fruit or bulk products. You decide!

Thanks to their different dimensions you can use them according to your needs. The gusset paper bags also stand out because they are 100% biodegradable and because of their anti-humidity treatment, especially for storing fruit and vegetables.

4. Paper bag with base

The bags with a base are made of a very resistant thick paper that allows them to support a considerable amount of weight. Therefore, they will be especially suitable for bulk products.

These flat-backed bakery paper bags guarantee greater stability and capacity. In addition, their design makes it much easier to transport foodstuffs. Also, they are compostable, as they do not include any interior plastic laminate.

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5. Paper bags for bread and pastries

Another option to consider is fully biodegradable anti-fat bags . They are indicated to transport bread, churros, fritters, pastries and any other product made with abundant fat in a clean way.

You can find them in three different sizes being these 15 x 28 x 6 cm, also 18 x 32 x 6 cm and finally 21 x 38 x 7 cm. This way, you will be able to select the right one according to the order requested by the customers.

6. Paper bag with window

Undoubtedly, the ecological window bags are the most striking on the market. Their aesthetic design makes them suitable to refresh or further improve the image of your business.

There are different paper bags with windows to choose from that vary in size, colour and design. Therefore, you can select the appropriate model according to the image you want to offer your customers.

7. Baking paper bag

For a perfect finish, we have included baking paper bags in our list. These models are suitable for introducing food that needs to be heated or must be kept warm for a longer period of time.

They are made of a paper that resists high temperatures and can be recycled and added to an organic compost

Tips for buying bakery paper bags

There are certain aspects that are key when buying the perfect bakery paper bag. We’ll tell you what they are below:

Choose a good material

Kraft is the most recommended paper thanks to its great resistance and different thicknesses. Today you can find it mostly in brown and white, allowing you to customize it to your bakery’s style.

The shape and size of the bag matters

You will find rectangular, square, elongated and wide bakery paper bags on the market. Their proportions will also vary between small, medium and large. Therefore, the final decision will depend on your needs.

Take advantage of the design

An excellent idea is to buy bakery paper bags to print your business logo and slogan. Believe it or not, these with their great advertising power will allow you to reach more customers.

The complements are not of more

It is important to choose cheap and functional bakery paper bags. To do this, take into account the most resistant models that include handles to make them easier to grip – small but effective!

Where to buy paper bags for bread and pastries

Thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can now buy bakery paper bags online with excellent value for money. This is extremely convenient in times of coronavirus

Enter our Greenuso website and take a look at the paper bags suitable for your bakery and all types of fully biodegradable packaging.

Don’t think too much and make the most important click of the day!

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