Eco-friendly cloth pads

Compresas de tela ecológicas – Hazlas tu misma

The eco-friendly cloth pads are back, like our grandmothers used to use. Backwards? Let’s see.

Human beings have different behaviors that end up damaging the environment, but there is one that is deadly: Use it and throw it away. This reality has led us to have a waste generation rate that is much higher than what we can process.

In order to take care of their income, the great globalized industry put in our DNA the idea that we should use and throw away everything, that it is the best for everyone and that the quality and freshness of everything we consume is preserved.

However, the new generations are beginning to reject this lifestyle and are beginning to opt for reusable, recyclable or ecological products. They do not want to leave their marks on the disaster we are generating.

One of the initiatives they are promoting, with a lot of strength, is the creation of products at home that can be used many times, reducing waste and optimizing the use of natural resources.

In part, from these movements are reborn ecological and reusable fabric pads, a product that easy to make will allow you to solve a need while respecting the environment.

How to make your own eco-friendly cloth pads

Cómo hacer tus propias compresas de tela ecológicas

Making a reusable cloth compress is a very simple task. It can be done by anyone, no matter what experience they have in front of the sewing machine.

To start with, to make things easier for you, you should buy different types of fabric:

  • Flannel for the area in contact with your skin.
  • Polar fabric for the exterior counterpart.
  • Flannel for the interior.
  • Waterproof fabric to reinforce absorbent interior fabrics.

With the help of a normal compress, using a piece of recycled cardboard, you can make the pattern of the compress. Reuse the cardboard of any box of a product that you have already finished at home.

The whole process consists of assembling the interior of the ecological cloth compresses, sewing the exterior and that’s it.

To help you understand better how they are made, we leave you with a video explaining the whole process.

This content was published by the Mamacose Handmade channel on YouTube.


Benefits of reusable cloth pads

Beneficios de las compresas de tela reutilizables

This product is new for many and there will certainly be a resistance to change. Fear, ignorance and publicity play in favour of plastic compresses.

However, we invite you to try a compress. You will undoubtedly feel as comfortable and safe as your current compresses do. Besides, you will know that you are not contributing to the pollution of the planet.

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To learn more about this product, here are some of the benefits of using ecological cloth pads.

Ease of use

Among the first reasons for the resistance to change is the use of cloth pads.

Wrongly, it is thought that this type of compresses will generate discomfort, move, stain and lose all the protection you are looking for when you have your period.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Fabric pads are being made with more advantages than you think.

Most of them have projection fabric, fastening clips to your panties and absorbent fabric layers.

They are used in the same way as disposable towels. They are even available in various sizes.

You want another video? Here’s another video from the Sustainable Messaging channel, where they show this ecological product in detail.


They do not stain as you think

Blood stains, that’s what many of us think. However, with the right washing measures, reusable cloth pads will always be like the first day.

The experts recommend washing the compress with cold water and neutral soap as soon as you take it off and then putting it in the washing machine to finish the process. This way you avoid a stain.

The average time of use of a cloth compress is five years, which can be more if you take good care of it.

Odorless compresses

It is incredible how many women complain about the smell of plastic compresses. They surely end up associating it with menstruation and everything that goes with it.

Beyond the complaint, the smelly pads keep appearing

Well, with cloth pads you won’t have any kind of smell during your menstruation. Forget about discomfort and get ready for a healthier life.

Reducing your environmental footprint

The use of reusable compresses generates savings, both of your money and of the raw material.

But that’s not the most beneficial thing about using eco-friendly compresses. Without a doubt, the reduction in the use of polluting materials, such as plastic, is one of the great advantages generated by this eco-friendly product.

Pads and tampons Contaminating agents?

Compresas y tampones: Agentes contaminantes

Commercial pads, as harmless as they may seem, are made from materials that are difficult for the environment to break down.

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It is estimated that these plastics, which are considered hard, take up to 800 years to degrade naturally. The worst thing is that during those 800 years that it takes for them to decompose, they are not disappearing, they are only degrading into microplastics.

That is, every plastic compress you use for a few hours will take eight centuries to become microplastic.

Industry estimates indicate that, on average, a woman uses about 4800 pads during her fertile life. Calculate the amount of polluting material you generate.

The problem does not end there. Over and over again, the advertising of the compresses we see every day highlights the super absorbent power of each brand.

To achieve these high levels of absorption, polyacrylate is used, a polymer with properties of gelling any liquid and impressive contaminating power.

Despite being the one who benefits directly from the product, the problem is not only yours. Plastic contamination is as evident as the plastic island that floats over the Pacific, with an extension of four times the territory of Spain.

More than 80% of the world’s plastic ends up in seas and oceans, as a result of poor waste management after collection.

More green products for you

Más productos verdes para ti

If you’re determined to use eco-friendly products in your life and reduce your environmental footprint by using plastic products, we have some options that will appeal to you.

The first thing we will tell you is that a large part of the plastic produced goes to the food industry. It is created with the aim of responding to our needs for the use of disposable products.

Knowing that, we invite you to visit Greenuso’s online store, where you will find a great number of ecological products for the food area.

From crockery to cutlery, including glasses and table linen, you can find them at Greenuso.

Sustainable raw materials such as sugar cane fibers, corn starch bioplastic, recycled pulp cardboard, and others are used in the manufacture of our products, which are certified as ecological.

In a strategic alliance with the most important shipping companies in Spain, we offer you the shipping service to the address you indicate, in a maximum time of 48 hours.

So, take the step you need to change your consumption habits and be part of the group of people who care about the environment and want to inherit a healthier planet to their descendants.

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