Sustainable take-away food packaging, a smart choice for your business

Sustainable take-away food packaging, a smart choice for your business

do you know about sustainable takeaway packaging? Well, you’ve come to the right website, because here we’ll give you the details that will help you get to know these planet-friendly products in depth.

Sustainable packaging is practically new in the food service sector. However, since its appearance, many establishments have been able to adapt it to their policies and have achieved great benefits.

read on to find out all the details!

History of sustainable packaging

The history of packaging begins in Greece and Rome, where they were used to transport and market wine in amphorae. However, it was in 1800 that the concept of packaging we have today materialised, when a wide glass jar was created to hold jam and the first foodstuffs.

The advent of industrialisation helped in the accentuation of packaging, as stamping on containers and packaging became popular. Since then the industry has grown and reinvented itself to influence consumers.

Today, we have a concept that seeks to displace environmentally harmful materials. We are talking about sustainable packaging, which is covering more and more ground in the foodservice sector every day

Sustainable packaging is based on the creation of packaging made from paper, cardboard, bamboo, etc. Alternatives designed to respond to the demands of the food sector, but with the peculiarity that they are sustainable and aesthetically perfect.

Advantages of sustainable packaging

No matter how many years you have been running your HORECA business, if you have never tried sustainable packaging for all types of food before, then you should do it now. Especially because of the list of benefits that sustainable takeaway packaging will bring to your establishment.

Sustainable packaging

To give you an idea, we will list these advantages below:

You will reduce waste

Restaurants play a key role in reducing solid waste worldwide. This is because they can reduce their number of discarded containers that cause litter and pollute the environment.

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The best way to “reduce” is by opting for sustainable packaging, precisely because they are reusable and compostable items. In other words, they have a second useful life after fulfilling their primary function.

You will improve your brand image

Millennial customers are currently gaining in majority. And this sector has shown interest in brands that are actively involved in environmental conservation and have become potential customers.

This means that if you opt for sustainable packaging in your business, this sector will be more aware of your brand and will be motivated to try your services. So you will improve the way your brand is perceived in the industry, while increasing your sales.

You will renew the presentation of your dishes

One of the best attributes of sustainable packaging is that you can find it in different presentations. This means that, when you place your order, you will find models that vary in size, texture, colour, aesthetics, etc.

The point is that you can choose the model that best suits the personality of your business and your personal requirements. And if you choose the right model, you will renew the way you present the star dishes in your restaurant.

Raise awareness

Surely when other food businesses see how sustainable packaging has benefited you, they will want to have it too. So you’ll end up becoming a propagator of environmental awareness in the sector.

Moreover, you will not only reach out to other businesses in the industry. You can also connect with some customers, motivating them to displace materials that pollute the planet from their daily routine.

Learn how to choose the right packaging for your business

For packaging to be considered sustainable, it must be recyclable, compostable and reusable. While all offer significant benefits, not all will suit your business needs.

Sustainable packaging


Recyclable packaging includes aluminium and plastic (polypropylene and polyethylene). These are good for keeping food warm, compared to other alternatives on the market.

Another attribute of recyclable containers is that they are easily washable. This is in case you want to keep a line for exclusive use in your business, apart from the ones you will use for your home deliveries.

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Compostable packaging is made of paper and polylactic acid (PLA). The good thing is that these products always come with a label that identifies them as “compostable”, making them easy to identify.

These products are made to decompose in a commercial composting facility. However, the downside is that they tend to be more expensive options compared to others.


Among the most popular reusable containers on the market are those that are made of 100% cardboard. In addition, they are usually the cheapest alternatives you will find on the market.

Another attribute is that cartons are customisable. This means that you can print your brand logo on them to create a strong identity for your potential customers and increase your company’s recognition.

TOP 3 Sustainable packaging ideas

Here we will talk about some companies that have adapted to the sustainable packaging trend and achieved success. These examples of sustainablepackaging will help you to get an idea of what you need to do in your business.

1. Sustainability of processes

Let’s start by talking about Heura Foods, a Spanish company that has been able to apply sustainability in its processes. In 2019, it replaced the plastic in its frozen products with a new recycled cardboard tray.

Sustainable packaging

In this way, Heura Foods is committed to 100% recyclable packaging when packing its products. A policy that contributes to reducing the environmental impact generated by the food chain.

2. Food in cartons to go

Let’s talk now about Honest Greens, a restaurant chain that has dedicated itself to using pressed cardboard boxes, bags and jars for its home deliveries. Aesthetically pleasing packaging that keeps the food at the right temperature.

This chain made the decision to implement these sustainable plans because of its interest in contributing to a healthier planet. These are policies that need to be carefully thought out and executed in order to deliver amazing results.

3. Bioplastics are the order of the day

In recent years, capsule coffee machines have been in high demand in hospitality equipment. The problem, however, is that their capsules are a problem for the planet.

For this reason, the brand Origen & Planet has launched a line of bioplastic or compostable plastic capsules with paper lids. An ecological product with European certification, to guarantee minimum environmental impact.

As you can see, sustainablepackaging is a reality within the food industry. You too can bring these products to your business and join the cause – the planet will thank you for it!

You can find all kinds of eco-friendly packaging in our Greenuso online shop.

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