Ecological packaging: beneficial against viruses

Ecological packaging: beneficial against viruses

Ecological packaging is an ideal tool for any restaurant. They contribute to the care of the environment and are very useful in preventing the spread of viruses, such as Covid19.

These containers are manufactured with certain characteristics, such as their airtightness, which prevents foreign agents, such as viruses or bacteria, from entering inside them.

In addition, due to their ecological qualities they can be disposed of, in the corresponding container, without impacting the environment as we do with plastics, especially those that are single-use.

Learn more about the characteristics of ecological packaging, the advantages of using them and what they can bring to your business.

Ecological packaging: basics you should know

Envases ecol贸gicos: Conceptos b谩sicos que debes conocer

Organic packaging is a food storage container, which is usually used to contain and transport food from one place to another.

Unlike the traditional and very famous plastic containers, the manufacture of ecological containers is not a product derived from fossil fuels, such as oil.

Instead, organic and vegetable materials, such as bagasse from sugar cane, corn starch and bamboo, are used in their production.

The use of organic materials to manufacture the ecological packaging allows them to be used, after their primary use, to make compost.

In addition, they decompose much faster than plastic materials.

Types of organic packaging on the market

Tipos de envases ecol贸gicos en el mercado

Depending on the organic material that is used, there are different types of ecological containers for storing food.

Each of the containers mentioned below has the strength and airtightness required to move food.

Take note of each one of the characteristics that each type of ecological packaging has so that you acquire the most functional and profitable for your business.

Kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are the best method for transporting food from bakeries or pastry shops. In addition, they are used to carry products when shopping in supermarkets.

Kraft paper bags are made from the raw material obtained from wood pulp in the form of fiber.

The wood fibre is mixed with sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphide. This mixture produces a mass that is flattened into large rolls of Kraft paper.

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These rolls of paper are bought by companies, which after processing them, make bags or other space products for packaging.

If your Kraft paper bag has been broken on the way home or you want to dispose of it because of viruses or bacteria it has acquired along the way, you can mix it with other organic waste to create plant compost.

Ecological cellulose packaging

Cellulose containers are versatile for containing food, avoiding spills or the entry of foreign agents into the food.

These containers are produced through cellulose extracted from wood pulp or paper. It is then shaped and transformed into different types of containers, ideal for serving any food.

Like Kraft paper bags, they are compostable and the cellulose from which they are made can be recycled.

That means that there is a reduction in tree felling and effective recycling of blue bin waste.

Sugar cane and green packaging

Another product recommended for ecological packaging is sugar cane, a resistant material that allows the creation of bowls, tubs, cutlery and even trays, among other products.

They are made from the bagasse of the sugar cane, which are the fibres that are left over when the juice contained in the sugar cane is extracted.

This reduces the waste from the processing of the cane, as a method of obtaining its main by-product: sugar.

Packaging made from sugarcane bagasse is strong and has a similar texture to plastic packaging

In addition, they are excellent at maintaining the temperature of the food and avoiding spills thanks to their airtight property.

Ecological bags

The ecological bags are a type of resistant packaging that can be reused without limit. It is an alternative that offers the possibility of replacing the contaminating plastic bags

The ecological bags are perfect to avoid the presence of viruses or contaminating agents at home. They can be washed, as many times as you need, and used again and again.

These bags are usually made from recycled materials, such as those derived from cotton, potato starch or jute.

Each of these materials are organic and decompose easily after a few weeks or months in contact with the soil.

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In the case of ecological bags labeled by restaurants or companies, water-based ink is used, so there is no need to worry about the use of chemicals during their manufacture.

Take away packaging

Finally, let’s talk about ecological take away containers, better known as take-away containers.

These ecological take-away containers are manufactured with different materials. Among them we have PLA bioplastic, the raw material obtained from PET plastic or Kraft paper, depending on its use.

Another characteristic of this type of container is that it includes lids, which are usually hermetically sealed.

These lids, in addition to containing the food inside, protect it from coming into contact with viruses or bacteria, preserve its temperature and maintain its characteristics during transportation.

Within the classification of ecological take away containers, we also find the papers used to wrap or the cones used to serve the food.

Both products are manufactured with anti-grease paper, special so that customers do not stain their hands when eating any product.

Advantages of using ecological packaging

Ventajas de utilizar envases ecol贸gicos

Organic packaging has many advantages that make it easy to serve and transport the food to customers, so that they can taste it wherever they want.

The first advantage of the eco-friendly containers is that they are lighter, both for people who order food to go and for those who work delivering food to their homes.

Another advantage of this type of packaging is that it generates a good image for people about your brand and the products you sell.

A company that serves the dishes on its menu in ecological packaging or tableware transmits – to the customers – the commitment of the business to be part of the reduction of pollution.

In addition, your business is responsible for creating awareness among consumers to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Buy eco-friendly packaging for better living

Comprar envases ecol贸gicos para vivir mejor

Every business must acquire quality ecological packaging at the best price on the market, so we recommend you to enter our virtual store: Greenuso.

In this store we have a wide variety of products such as packaging or tableware that meet the requirements of biodegradable, ecological and even compostable.

Each one of the products contains the ecological certification seal, which guarantees the well-being and peace of mind of your customers, while you establish that your establishment is friendly to the environment.

Enter our store, browse and choose the ecological packaging that best suits the needs of your business.

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