Ecological children’s lunch box

Ecological children’s lunch box

After an intense summer holiday the routine is just around the corner and the kids have to prepare for the new course. Congratulations! From Greenuso we want to talk to you about the bottles and children’s lunch boxes in the best ecological style.

If you are like us and you are concerned about everything that has to do with caring for the environment, the ecological children’s lunch box will be your best companion so that your children can take their snacks wherever they go. Let’s get started!

What is an ecological lunch box?

The ecological lunchboxes are an alternative to continue packaging our food in a healthier and more healthy way every day. This container has an airtight seal that allows you to take cooked food and all kinds of food wherever you want.

An ecological lunch box is made with materials and processes that respect the environment. In this way, the different chemical substances present in traditional lunch boxes are left aside.

What types of ecological lunch boxes and bottles are there?

If you are looking for a non-polluting alternative for transporting food and drinks , we recommend products made from materials that are not toxic to the environment, including

Lunch boxes elaborated with bamboo

This type of lunch box is a trend in recent years. They are very environmentally friendly and preserve food properly. Besides, you can find many designs, colours and styles, which will give a shape to the help you want to give to the plastic-free planet.

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Bamboo fiber is an excellent biodegradable and very ecological material that leaves behind the use of harmful plastics and metals. This material allows to elaborate very light and resistant lunch boxes, that in case of some breakage there is no danger or risk of breaking, unlike the glass or ceramic containers.

Its characteristics make its use particularly recommended. Above all, for storing and transporting food for the youngest members of the household. Some of the advantages of this material are

  • Resistance.
  • There are different designs and prints.
  • They preserve food correctly.
  • Economical.
  • They are very respectful with the environment.
  • Easy to clean.

Rice fibre lunch boxes

In recent years, the creation of new ecological materials is unstoppable. Hence, there are new ways to create environmentally friendly packaging for transporting food.

Rice fibre is one of them, as it is an excellent material for making lunch boxes. Rice fibre is an innovative, ecological and biodegradable material obtained by pressing rice husks with a 100% natural resin binder

This makes them harder than glass or ceramic tuppers.

Glass and stainless steel lunch boxes

Glass is a material that is not damaged, does not transmit taste and is completely recyclable. However, products made from this material are heavy and very fragile. For this reason, it is not highly recommended for children.

On the other hand, stainless steel is an ideal material to preserve the temperature of food. However, it is necessary to consider that the steel is of food quality and that its components are of food quality. Although, normally the caps and closings are of steel or silicone.

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This type of material is ideal for children’s bottles and lunch boxes that are used to take to school, as they are very light, comfortable and safe.

Ecological wooden lunch boxes

Unlike the others, this type of lunch box should be washed by hand with warm water and a soft cloth. This, in order to avoid scratching and deteriorating it.

It is an ecological material and can be found with very beautiful and modern designs. It is not recommended to use it to transport soups or broths, as it does not guarantee complete watertightness and could spill liquids. This type of lunch box is very traditional in Japan.

Why is it not recommended to use plastic?

Plastic is a synthetic chemical made from oil, it is low cost and very easy to shape. However, it is a waste product that is extremely harmful to the environment and toxic to humans because it contains endocrine disruptors.

Its daily use is related to important health damages, such as reproductive problems, cancer, neurological diseases, obesity and diabetes.

Also, it is important to say that although they claim that plastic is GAP-free or ecological, this does not imply that we are facing a healthy alternative for our health and the planet.

Why buy ecological bottles and children’s lunch boxes?

Ecological awareness has awakened many people’s minds. For this reason, every day we see various alternatives that respect the environment.

Children learn from what they see and if we introduce healthy habits into their lives, it can make a difference to their future decisions.

The ecological bottles and lunch boxes are ideal to take to school. Above all, because they protect the food, are super light and are easy to clean.

You’ll also find them in a variety of designs and children’s prints so that your little ones can choose their favourite.

At Greenuso we offer you different products and materials if you are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. What are you waiting for to visit us?

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