Get to know the decorated kraft paper and give your creativity a click

Get to know the decorated kraft paper and give your creativity a click

Know the decorated kraft paper, it may be necessary to get out of some tight spots. This material is available on the market at an affordable cost and is very useful.

Imagine a special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, the Three Kings or some other. You are one of those who likes to give gifts, but you don’t want to be ruined in the attempt. Kraf paper could be the ideal solution for your sets.

Believe it or not, this kind of paper is very useful. You can even use it as a noteboard or put it on the kitchen roll to write down the earrings. Also, it can help you sort out when your child tells you to deliver a simple craft the next day.

So, to avoid those worries we invite you to know this wonderful decorative paper. That, without a doubt, will help you to solve the situation in a quick and easy way.

What is kraft paper?

Its name comes from the “kraft” process or technique used in the manufacture of paper. Also, you can find it with the name of brown paper or wood paper. In its natural form it is brown, rough and resistant.

In the market you can find it in different colors and decorations, so it’s very useful for crafts.

There are roll presentations widely used at home for gift wrapping. Also, shops use it as packaging to fill in gaps in boxes and protect goods.

When buying kraft paper, another very common format is Din A4. Due to its rustic finish, it is useful for decoration, printing greeting cards or invitations, menus for meals and weddings.

An interesting property of this material is that it is easily composted, helping to keep the planet clean and sustainable. In order to make the Kraft paper resistant to humidity and grease, it is coated with PLA.

Types of kraft paper

  • Kraft laid paper: It has a slightly grooved texture that makes it a decorative and elegant paper. Ideal for use as a gift wrap.
  • White Kraft paper: This type of paper comes from the bleaching of brown paper.
  • Colored Kraft paper: It is obtained by applying pigments or dyes to the white paper pulp.
  • Waxed or sulphurized kraft paper: This is obtained by applying techniques to the original kraft to reduce the porosity of the surface. The treatment makes it impermeable to water vapour.

The latter can be used as a vapor barrier in home construction. Also, some people buy it for baking in the kitchen and as a wrapper for foods such as: flours, nuts and legumes.

Top 5 crafts with decorated kraft paper

papel kraft decorado

It’s time to show you the best ideas to take advantage of decorative kraft paper:

1. Wedding rice cone

On this special day everything must be beautiful, even more so when it is the traditional rice. Therefore, in these lines we will teach you how to make a beautiful cone for weddings:

  1. Cut a sheet of decorated kraft paper into a square, measuring 15x15cm.
  2. Fold the square paper into a cone, apply glue to fix the ends and let it dry for 2 minutes.
  3. Now, place hemp ropes in the bottom in the form of a bow, you must have previously cut them out. This rope is sticky and will not fall off easily.
  4. Then, you can put some stickers on it only if you want to. This paper comes already decorated and with a vintage touch that inspires romance, ideal for the occasion.
  5. This model can also be applied to any other celebration.
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2. Gift bags

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There are many shapes and models of gift bags, but here we will show you a classic model:

  1. Organize the materials on a work table, you will need scissors, glue, ruler, pencil, tape or string, decorated kraft paper. This paper is great for these designs because they look elegant and attractive.
  2. Fold the paper horizontally, joining both ends. Just fold it over and slightly mark the top and bottom ends, to have a reference from the center.
  3. Now, open the paper again and fold each end slightly over the center mark, doing so with both sides. As you fold each end, slide your thumb over the paper to mark it properly.
  4. Fold the left end towards the center, then do the same with the right side, it would be on top of each other. Apply glue to the left end and mount the right end and let it dry for at least 1 minute.
  5. Now fold up the bottom part, forming a rectangle about 5cm wide. Unfold and try to open the ends a little, so that you can put both sides towards the center.
  6. Mark the edges of the sides and fold the top and bottom towards the center. Try to get it about 1cm more than the centre. This way one flap will be over the other to stick it and build the bottom of the bag.
  7. Glue is applied to the triangles formed by the fold and the sides are joined at the top and bottom. This ensures that the bottom is sealed so that there is no risk of the gift falling out.
  8. Now fold the sides of the bag, matching the edges taken from the bottom. Then, they are unfolded, and you put your hand inside to expand the bag and mold it.
  9. Also, put the side folds inwards and you will see the marks of the design.
  10. Finally, if you want to put handles on the bag. Fold the top part by about 2 cm and put the fold in. Use a ruler to place the reference to make the holes (they should not be near the edge). Open the holes and place the cord.

3. Christmas Star

As the Christmas holidays approach, it is time to decorate our room. So below we show you how to make a delicate star:

  1. Take the bags indicated in the previous part or any kraf paper bag without handle. Draw the design of your preference on the ends and cut out the figure.
  2. Do the same with 8 units. Place double-sided tape horizontally at the bottom. Now in the center vertically from bottom to top place double sided tape. Repeat this with each bag so that they are well stuck together.
  3. Take a piece of cardboard, cut it out in the shape of a 2cm wide ribbon. Then stick it to the bag in the middle from the bottom to the top on both sides of the bags.
  4. To finish, open it and see how beautiful your star is. Use a punch to punch a hole in both ends and place a string to keep it where you want it
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4. Christmas tree

You can use it for the centerpiece or to hang on the Christmas tree. These are the steps to make it easy and fast:

  1. Gather kraft paper, scissors, glue, stapler and tape to put a fixer on it.
  2. Make a template of the tree you want to build, with the size you want. This depends on where you are going to place it. If it is for the tree, it should be small, and if it is for a table, it can have a larger dimension.
  3. Place the template on the kraft paper and cut it out.
  4. Cut out 9 units and place them one after the other.
  5. Join the figures with staples and then fold them until they reach a volume of 360°.
  6. Put some glue on the ends to join them together, so that you can see the volume achieved.
  7. If you are going to hang it on the tree, add a ribbon on the top to hang it.

5. Christmas table cloth

Another element that cannot be missing from our Christmas meeting is the tablecloth. But, don’t worry about kraft paper in your house, it’s covered for sure:

  1. Buy decorated kraft paper by the roll.
  2. Cut it out according to the size of the table.
  3. You can cut out two pieces and arrange them on top of each other to give an elegant style.
  4. If the decoration on the paper is not very noticeable, you can draw on the paper the designs of your preference. The drawings or writings must be done in dark black marker so that it stands out.
  5. If it is a candy table, you can put a banner at the bottom with a big string with a motivating message. You can also make some images to cut out and stick on the wall. All this in natural kraft paper this color looks great.

At Greenuso we offer you a wide range of kraf paper with different designs, colours and formats. With them, you can make the most beautiful decorations or invitations for your celebration.

This product is great for bars and restaurants with individual tables, because you can use it for tablecloths with a beautiful vintage style. In addition, you will get elegance and attractiveness with quality and low price.

Likewise, take advantage of it now that Christmas is coming to decorate your home, business or office. Don’t let the celebrations take you by surprise It’s useful for everything. We invite you to know our offers in decorated kraft paper, with it you can decorate and keep the planet healthy. You will surely love it and you will choose the most appropriate to cover your needs. We are waiting for you!

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