Recycling symbol on packaging

Recycling symbol on packaging

Every day in your business you use packaging for cooking or take away and delivery services. It is therefore important that you learn to identify each recycling symbol on packaging so that you can dispose of it properly.

It is also knowledge that you can pass on to your customers. This way they will know you for what you are: someone who cares about the environment and the reuse of resources.

Know what the recycling symbols on packaging are, learn what they mean and really know the type of packaging and disposable tableware you handle in your restaurant.

what are the symbols of packaging recycling?

What are the recycling symbols on packaging?

Around the world there are several recycling symbols that are included on packaging in order to ensure that it is used and handled correctly during the various stages of its useful life

Take note of those symbols that are frequently found on restaurant packaging and how you can identify them

Meaning of the three-arrow recycling symbol

The three-arrow packaging recycling symbol has been in place since 1970, the year it was designed

Each of the arrows has its meaning because of the process involved in recycling

That is, when used materials are collected, the beginning of their transformation in recycling plants and their return to the market as new products

This symbol applies to any product that has the ability to be recycled and turned into raw material for the manufacture of a new product

Paper recycling symbol

The paper recycling symbol is distinguished by an arrow that turns clockwise to form a circle . It also contains an open box inside

This recycling symbol on packaging identifies products made from recycled paper and cardboard, or those that are suitable for reuse.

It appears on products such as egg cups, plates, containers, cups, shakers and napkins.

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Recycling symbol on plastic packaging

Plastic packaging has a recycling symbol assigned to it according to the type of plastic from which it was made

In total, there are seven types of plastic. These are distinguished by the number within the three-arrow symbol

Food packaging made from polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, is assigned the number 1

On the other hand, high-density polyethylene, which is used for the manufacture of packaging for cleaning products, is numbered 2.

Packaging and products made from PVC, such as paper film, are listed as number 3

Products made from low density polyethylene, such as some kitchen items like freezer bags, are numbered 4.

Polypropylene used for packaging is known by the number 5, while polystyrene from which disposable items are made is marked with the number 6

There is also a dedicated category for others, which are characterised as products that are impossible to recycle and can be recognised by the number 7

Tidymanrecycling symbol

As recycling is not only a matter for companies and retailers, there is a recycling symbol for the general public

This is the famous Tidyman, a symbol that is characterised by a person throwing his or her rubbish into a bin

This recycling symbol seeks to promote awareness among consumers so that they throw their rubbish in the right places, to avoid throwing it into the ecosystem.

It is added on packaging, bags, boxes, cups and any other product of daily use.

Sign of glass recycling

Glass containers also have a recycling sign to avoid being confused with glass

Glass is thrown into green bins and goes through a conversion process, where it is crushed to obtain its minerals and used to make new containers; and glass can be rendered unusable.

The main symbol for glass recycling is characterised by the traditional three-arrow sign with a Tidyman inside, who is throwing a bottle into a container

Apart from that, there is a simpler symbol with the three arrows and the word glass

Meaning of the two-arrow or green dot recycling symbol

The two-arrow or green dot recycling symbol is perhaps the one we see most often

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It is two arrows that turn clockwise and join together to form a circle

This symbol is responsible for signalling that these products will be handled by waste management companies such as Ecovidrio and Ecoembes.

The green dot recycling symbol appears on all recyclable packaging.

Metal recycling symbol

Metal also has its own packaging recycling symbol. Especially when it comes to aluminium.

There are three types of symbols for aluminium. The first design is characterised by a three-arrow symbol with the word aluminium underneath

Another model is the symbol of three arrows with the number 41 inside, accompanied by the initial ALU, referring to aluminium

Finally, it is possible to find a symbol of two arrows with the initial ALU inside

It is a symbol that is easy to find on cans and containers made of aluminium

Importance of knowing the packaging recycling symbols

Importance of knowing the recycling packaging symbols

Using products with the recycling symbols on the packaging allows you to create environmental awareness

In addition to implementing them in the restaurant, it is essential to explain the use of each one and the materials to which they are associated so that your team separates the products according to their category.

This makes it easier for treatment plants to start their procedures to convert them into new products

They are also a great help in reducing pollution. Knowing that products are recyclable allows them to be disposed of in the appropriate containers.

Thus, products are given a new chance to be reused and do not end up in landfills, polluting the environment.

This awareness as a business attracts new customers, who support recycling to counteract the environmental impact.

Quality recyclable packaging

Quality recyclable packaging

Now that you know the meaning of the recycling symbols, it is important to buy packaging for your restaurant that includes them.

At Greenuso, our online shop, we have products for the restaurant and hospitality sector that are easy to recycle and have the symbols to prove it.

The consumables in our catalogue are designed for serving food and beverages in restaurants, food trucks, home delivery and catering.

They are made from environmentally friendly products, such as sugar cane, palm leaves, corn starch, bamboo, among others, in order to guarantee the quality and resistance you are looking for

In addition, once they are finished being used, they can be thrown away in the recycling containers and turned into new products, incredible, isn’t it?

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