Ecological decoration: Creative ideas for your home

Ecological decoration: Creative ideas for your home

Ecological decoration is a wonderful way to give a chic and unique touch to the spaces in your home.

This ecological touch in interior design, offers many possibilities when creating natural and pleasant environments in our home at low cost. Especially if the holidays are approaching and you don’t want the decoration to take you by surprise.

If you have no idea how to make an ecological decoration in your home, congratulations! You have come to the right place. In the next entry we will show you some innovative ideas for you to decorate your home and at the same time take care of the environment. Are you up to it?

What is ecological decoration?

Decoración ecológica

Ecological decoration refers to the use of ecological materials and the exploitation of bioclimatic architecture. Above all, when choosing the furniture for our home. In this way, we will avoid deforestation by using alternatives to wood. Also, it is a way to recycle, avoiding plastic materials or other contaminants.

Sometimes it is also possible to save money and energy by using low-consumption lighting or natural light.

How can we be more environmentally friendly?

In ecological decoration, the basic principle of the three Rs comes into play: recycle, reuse and reduce.

Recycling consists of avoiding the generation of waste, by reusing bottles, jars, boxes or any object you have at home, thus giving a second life to objects, which would otherwise go to waste. For example, turning some old jeans into a folder cover or some cardboard boxes into a piece of furniture.

Minimalist decoration is another way of having an ecological attitude. This trend gives special importance to space and materials that do not harm the environment. Well, we know that not everything we buy is going to be ecological. However, you can reduce it to the essentials, avoiding products from protected flora and fauna.

Besides, practicing ecological decoration by yourself is easier than it seems, you just need to recycle cardboard, plastic, glass and wood materials.

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With a little imagination and creativity you can create your own decorative elements to give a more natural and harmonious profile to your home.

Ideas for an ecological decoration Easy and fast!

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Ecological decoration is a very creative and sustainable way to decorate your home. In addition, they offer us infinite possibilities to create attractive spaces that are at the same time respectful of the environment.

Here are some easy ideas to implement, to inspire you and let your imagination fly:

Lamp with glass jar

If you have glass jars at home or are about to vacate one, take advantage of it and create a lamp. To do this, make a hole in the center of the jar’s lid. It should be large enough to run the wire that will provide electricity to the light bulb inside the jar.

Also, you can illuminate the jar with Christmas lights, ideal as a decorative element during the Christmas period.

If you dare, you can light three or more glass jars to hang them on a wooden structure. It’s a great way to light up the corners of your home and create pleasant and relaxing spaces.

Indoor plants

In an ecological decoration plants cannot be missing, you are giving a fresh and natural air to your home.

Indoor plants come in all sizes and colours and require little maintenance.

You can put them in the windows, in a corner of the living room or in a piece of furniture. But, if you are more creative, you will surely find room for them on the walls or hang them from the ceiling.

Also, you can choose dry flowers, these give your home a very romantic and super vintage style.

Cardboard library

Although you can find very creative libraries in many stores, nothing is better than making your own.

To do this, you will need thick cardboard or several sheets of cardboard to make a hard and firm structure. Then, you will have to glue the boxes on top of each other according to your taste, and then cover them with bond paper or newspaper. Once the structure is dry, proceed to varnish it with the color of your choice.

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Plastic bottles are one of the most difficult materials to degrade, which is why it is so important to reuse them. A great way to do this is to use them to make a pouf or seat that also turns out to be a nice decorative piece of furniture.

The first thing you have to do is join all the plastic bottles together to form a big block of bottles. Now, fix a firm cardboard on top and put everything inside a box and then seal it.

To make the seat comfortable, place a large enough, thick piece of sponge on top of the pouf. If you prefer, you can line the whole pouffe with sponge and then cover it with the fabric you like best.

Take advantage of the natural elements

Using ecological materials is the best alternative to the most contaminating or ethically problematic materials, such as those of protected flora and fauna.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find materials like bamboo, the best substitute for wood. Also, you can find synthetic leather or organic fabrics that are very friendly to the environment and animals. Likewise, there are countless ecological dishes and containers designed to replace plastic, the most difficult pollutant to biodegrade.

In addition, respecting the natural elements is another way of practicing ecological decoration. It’s about respecting the trees that are on our property and those little wild flowers that grow in their trees. In this way, to attract biodiversity to the garden.

Remember that imagination and creativity are the key factors when it comes to finding ways to make the most of objects that seem useless. If you do it with love and dedication, they can end up being as decorative as they are genuine.

Now that ecological decoration is an essential element in your life, I invite you to visit our greenuso.com store. There, you will be able to find a wide range of ecological products at unbeatable prices. And, that besides being friendly with the environment, they offer practicality and efficiency without having to renounce to quality. What are you waiting for to take a look at all our ecological products?

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