How to clean the microwave with natural products


Nowadays, in practically all homes, the microwave oven has become a really useful tool that has caused some dependence and that facilitates the quick cooking of meals, but as with all equipment, the corresponding cleaning must be done.

At Greenuso, we are aware of the importance of careful and delicate cleaning of this equipment, which is why we bring you the following information that can be of great help to you.

Cleaning the microwave

As it is used very frequently, it tends to get dirty from the splashes of the foods we put in to heat, especially those with sauce and are usually greasy and that is why we must know how to clean the microwave.

If we don’t do the daily cleaning, many types of food remains will accumulate in the oven, making it more difficult to clean due to the intensity with which these remains can adhere to the oven. So we have to think about what to clean the microwave with.

You cannot clean with strong chemicals because, if they are very corrosive, they will damage the protective enamel of the equipment causing oxidation and malfunctioning over time.

A microwave, if not cleaned properly, can harbor many bacteria that can be really harmful to our body and especially to the little ones in the house, since in the oven we can even heat up bottles or sterilize toys.


Use of some natural products

Cleaning with water and lemon

Cleaning the microwave with lemon can be very successful and the reason for this is that the lemon has the great property of being an anti-bacterial fruit, taking into account that it will allow you to keep the microwave naturally perfumed due to its pleasant smell.

If this is your option, all you have to do is squeeze a lemon that you have previously cut in half and put the juice in a container with 300 millimetres of water. Then you will put this mixture in the oven for 5 minutes.

When the glass is fogged, due to the steam that is released from the mixture that has reached its boiling point, you will open the lid and remove the container. Carefully wipe the inside of the container with a cloth.

Use of vinegar

Another option for cleaning the equipment in a natural way is to clean the microwave with vinegar. This product strongly helps to disinfect objects without damaging their parts, although you will probably not find its smell as pleasant as lemon.

Take a bottle with 300 ml of water and pour in a large spoon of vinegar. Then heat it in the microwave for three to five minutes.

Unlike the procedure with the lemon, in this case we will wet the cloth in the vinegar solution and we will make the cleaning by passing it through the internal surfaces of the oven to achieve the disinfection.

There are many ways and tricks to clean the microwave, and according to your choice you will choose the right one for you that will allow you to perform a proper and deep cleaning of your equipment.

This is how Greenuso, our virtual store where you will find many products and utensils to equip yourself, provides you with information that will help you keep order and cleanliness to be applied in all corners of your home.

If you know of any other tips to keep your microwave clean, let us know in the comments!

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