How to tell if a fruit is organic

How to tell if a fruit is organic

Do you want to buy organic fruit and vegetables but don’t know how to identify them? At Greenuso we love to eat healthy and nutritious food. That’s why here we will show you how to know if a fruit is organic when you go to the supermarket. In this way, you can maintain a healthy and balanced diet by eating nutritious and delicious organic fruit – here we go!

What are organic fruits?

They are fruits cultivated through organic farming. This method of cultivation is more respectful of the environment as it does not use inorganic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified seeds.

como saber si una fruta es ecologica

Low-solubility organic fertilizers are used to grow organic fruit, which do not pollute the soil or water. In addition, this sustainable cultivation also leads to an increase in the planet’s biodiversity. It can therefore be said that organic fruit and vegetables are healthier for consumers and less harmful to our beautiful planet earth.

How do you know if a fruit is organic? Find out!

We know you want to maintain a balanced diet with healthier foods. That’s why at Greenuso we’ll show you how to identify whether a fruit is organic or not. Let’s get started!

  • Look at its colour, shape and size. Generally, organic fruits are large, intensely coloured and have an attractive texture at first sight.
  • Focus on the label. They often have a stamp on their label that distinguishes them as organically grown fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t neglect the price. Although organic futures and vegetables are priced higher than conventional ones, they represent an investment worth every penny in order to eat richer and healthier.
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Types of labels for organic fruit and vegetables

As you may have known in previous lines, organic fruits and vegetables have an eco-label, which guarantees that they are food free of chemicals or other harmful agents to your health. To find out if a fruit is organic, the most reliable way is to look directly at the label where you will find the following information.

  • European Union. They feature multiple little green stars which work to indicate that they are organically produced fruit and vegetables.
  • Outside the EU. Characteristics written “Non-EU Agriculture” indicating that they are organically produced fruit and vegetables not grown within the European Union.
  • EcoLabel. Special labels to distinguish organically produced fruit, food and other products

Why should I eat organic fruit and vegetables?

Now, we will describe how organic fruit and vegetables bring incredible benefits to consumer health and the environment.

High nutritional value

One advantage of organic fruit and vegetables is that they contain up to 50% more vitamins and minerals. They have therefore become indispensable foods for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. And as if that were not enough, this type of organic food tastes better than conventionally produced fruit and vegetables.

Sustainable cultivation

This type of organic food preserves its nutritional properties during the entire production process, thus becoming a healthier alternative to transgenic and traditional foods. So, organic fruits and vegetables are more natural especially because they are not exposed to chemicals. Thus, users will have the guarantee that they will not consume toxic products harmful to health.

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The bio-healthy cultivation of fruit and vegetables benefits the environment because it does not use toxic products. In this way, it greatly reduces pollution of the soil, water and air. This type of cultivation also contributes to energy saving, prevents soil degradation and enhances the development of rural areas.

Is it possible to buy organic seasonal fruit all year round?

The answer to your question is yes! Now you can buy organic seasonal fruit all year round in any supermarket. This is possible thanks to improved sustainable and healthy farming systems. However, if you eat organic fruit and vegetables during the seasons, they will taste better and their nutritional values will be even higher. At Greenuso we think green, which is why we are constantly contributing to the improvement of the planet’s ecosystems. And, this entry on how to know if a fruit is ecological is our contribution today. And you, what is your contribution to the planet?

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