Corporate social responsibility What is it and what are its principles?

Corporate social responsibility What is it and what are its principles?

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is a form of action that some companies adopt. In this way, they avoid that the activity they carry out causes any impact on the environment that surrounds them, that is, society and the environment.

From Greenuso we have prepared this entry to explain to you about Corporate Social Responsibility, what it consists of and what the principles of this vision are in the business sector. Let’s get started!

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR, is the initiatives carried out by corporations to evaluate and assume responsibility for social and environmental well-being.

CSR covers a company in three areas: economic, social and environmental, which can be put into practice in different ways. Some of them are environmental support, philanthropy and ethical treatment of employees.

responsabilidad social corporativa

Responsible management generates greater competitiveness and sustainability in the company and will generate multiple benefits to society. If a company implements this vision in its corporate structure it will achieve multiple advantages that will bring great benefits to both the company and society.

Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility

Among the principles of this vision in the business field are

  • The commitment that the company must have to transmit to society through its activities.
  • Ethical conduct through business practice that is acceptable to society.
  • The adaptability of corporate social responsibility that can vary according to the objectives of the company and the environment where it is to be applied.
  • Environmental performance, since society must have a good standard of living and well-being, but needs an adequate environment.
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Of course, these principles will make sense when we are aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility. If we are going to open up to the world we must do so in a responsible and respectful manner.

What are the benefits of CSR?

Among the main benefits of responsibility for both business and society are

  • Employee productivity is significantly improved through access to various services, such as childcare.
  • Providing excellent customer satisfaction assurance, which can range from data protection policies to data integrity.
  • Reduce costs, such as rent, medical leave, etc.
  • Improve the reputation and image of the company, through commitment to the values and human growth of society and environmental care.
  • Contributes to the reduction of poverty and the promotion of the development of human rights.

How to adapt your company with social responsibility

Having social responsibility is one of the biggest challenges for companies today, since beyond ethical principles, it is part of the competitive and market share advantages.

But how can you start applying the principles of CSR? Here are some keys that we have prepared:

Adopt environmental policies

There are many companies today that do not know the scope of their commercial activity and do not carry out actions that favour the care of the environment and economic and social development.

Therefore, the actions taken by any company can be translated into achievements, which should not only be monetary. Social projects, for example, are an excellent strategy, as they are relevant and their vision is long-term.

Reflect on the impact of CSR

After implementing the vision of CSR in your business policies, it is advisable to reflect on what you want the impact and repercussions of the activities carried out to be.

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Some companies tend to solve or reduce some problems, others only focus on attracting people to offer them quality jobs. The important thing is that you look for the best way to contribute something to the context where you operate.

Develop CSR programmes

It is very important that the company has strategies or guidelines for action that specify the actions to be developed. Also, it must be specified who will be responsible for their execution, supervision and measurement, what material and human resources are needed and what the deadlines are for their development.

In the same way, which is the dimension of the programme to be developed, that is, which area it will cover, social, environmental or economic.

Disseminate the actions

If the environment where you are going to develop CSR actions is a community, social group, person, etc., you must inform them about which activities you are going to carry out and what their benefits will be. This will improve the corporate image in the market and strengthen the relationship with society.

Participate in charitable actions

You can join the company to social and environmental development initiatives carried out by foundations, NGOs and other types of institutions. The important thing is that you contribute a grain of sand in the improvement of the quality of life of the communities and the environmental care.

There are many companies that carry out charitable activities on their own, using their own resources; others join in joint projects with brands or areas similar to their own.

After learning what corporate social responsibility is, we encourage you to put it into practice in your company or business. Remember that, it acts on the fundamental pillars for the positive development of society, human rights and environmental problems.

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