What is sustainable consumption?

What is sustainable consumption?

If we reduce the consumption of natural resources and decrease the percentage of waste, we are advocating that we be conscious consumers. With these small actions we will manage to reduce the negative impact we generate on the environment. At Greenuso we want to talk to you about sustainable consumption, a development model that helps to promote a balance between the well-being of people and the conservation of the environment. But, how can you carry it out? Read on to learn what it is and how to start living this lifestyle.

What is sustainable and responsible consumption?

Sustainable development and responsible consumption are two concepts that are closely related and can therefore be unified as the same type of consumption.
  • Sustainable consumption is possible through a change in the patterns that currently govern our consumerist societies. It is a change that must be structural and behavioural in society.
  • Responsible consumption is the attitude of consumers to carry out conscious and critical consumption in the face of the environmental situation. This vision of consumption is carried out both in the purchase of products and in the contracting of services.
As you can see, consuming in a more sustainable way is very simple, it just needs a little coherence and its own will to change what until now was normal for us.
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How can we begin to consume in a more sustainable way?

To make it a little easier for you, we show you some tips to carry out a sustainable consumption:

1. Reduce

By buying few products we avoid the pollution involved in the extraction of raw materials in the production of the product, and the pollution generated during its transport. Many of the things we consume are sometimes not needed, so the next time you want to buy something ask yourself first if you really need it.

2. Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables

If the fruit is not in season and is offered to us in the supermarket, it is because it comes from another country. Imagine all that is involved in moving and emitting greenhouse gases behind that fruit or vegetable, and then putting it on sale in the supermarket.

3. Avoid packaging

There are many establishments that sell their products in bulk. Therefore, we recommend that you use your own containers to transport them. Remember to always carry a cloth bag with you to store your purchases. In both cases we are avoiding the generation of plastic waste.

4. Reuse

It is important to give a second chance to the things you no longer use, because you can give them other uses that you had not thought of. You just have to be creative. On the Internet you can find many ideas for reusing all kinds of waste.

5. Recycle

Dare to recycle, just separate the waste and throw it in the recycling containers. If you don’t know how to do this, you can investigate so that you can start making your contribution now.
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6. Move responsibly

The transport we use every day is also a form of consumption, so use your bike to get around, as it is an ecological transport and will also make you fit. Also, you can use public transport or walk.

7. Opt for products with an ecological footprint

When buying a household appliance such as a washing machine, car or microwave, choose products that consume less energy and pollute less.

8. Saves energy

You should be aware of your own energy consumption, just turn off the lights in the house when not in use, use energy-saving light bulbs, use the waste heat for cooking, and set the heating or air conditioning to an acceptable temperature. consumo sostenible

9. Reflect on your daily habits

The issue of sustainable consumption is a matter of common sense and how aware we have to be as consumers. Our mission is not to get carried away with advertising or that first impulse to buy things we don’t need. We live in a world where people want what is trendy or new. We have to realise that we must be responsible to the planet and to ourselves, and that we cannot consume in an unconscious and uncontrolled way. At Greenuso we are advocates of responsible and sustainable consumption. Therefore, we offer products that promote consumption from a conscious and critical point of view.

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