Why is it important to use cloth bags?

If you want to bet on the sustainability of the earth, start at home and in a very simple way, using the cloth bags. The use of this type of bag brings many benefits to the environment and people.

Cloth bags have a great environmental impact, because they can be reused, since they are made of a sustainable material. Without a doubt, they are an excellent ecological alternative compared to traditional plastic bags.

We are at a stage where people are becoming aware of what is being generated around them. In order to achieve this, several routines and products are emerging that allow us to sustain the environment and take care of our planet.

What are cloth bags?

Por que usar bolsas de tela

The cloth bags or those called ecological, are those that in their manufacture are not used toxic or chemical components. These types of bags are made from completely recyclable materials. Thanks to them, the use of plastic or polyethylene bags is reduced. Bags that are used and discarded daily in large quantities, both in shops, supermarkets and at home.

Some stores and supermarkets have encouraged their shoppers to stop using plastic bags. These offer, for example, low-cost, eco-friendly fabric bags or provide information on the environmental damage caused by plastic bags.

At Greenuso you will find multiple models and shapes of cloth bags, which will allow you to store different objects. In addition, they are ideal for adding images or advertising of any brand. You can also customize them by adding some decorative element, message or print.

Why use cloth bags?

Besides contributing to the care of the environment and reducing pollution, fabric bags have many advantages. Here are some reasons to start using them.


The fabric bags guarantee long term durability. This is because of the material they are made of, they can withstand much more weight, and they can withstand long distances. As they are durable and resistant there is no risk of falling or losing what is inside. And if the bag breaks, it can be sewn!


These bags can be used in various ways and at different times, i.e. they are reusable. For example, if you go to the supermarket, you can use them to put packaging, food and heavy items such as fruit or cans.

Material and quality

As they are made with natural fabrics and previously treated, the material has resistant properties. At the same time, if you are going to place prints that generate designs, images, phrases and logos will also be resistant.

At Greenuso when you think of cloth bags, your first concern is to use materials that replace plastic or any other synthetic material. This is in order to limit the use of plastic as a global priority.


By using cloth bags you will avoid buying plastic bags every time you go to the supermarket or the shops. Just take your cloth bag with you and you won’t have to pay for a plastic bag when you make a new purchase.

I save

The use of this type of bag in daily life will generate many economic benefits, because they are cheaper and more resistant. Therefore, a single cloth bag can support up to 20kg of weight and replace about four plastic bags. In that sense, over its lifetime, it can replace about 600 plastic bags.


One of the characteristics of cloth bags is that they have a unique style, i.e. they are very different from plastic bags – cloth bags are always in fashion! More and more people are choosing this type of bag as an extra accessory when shopping, working or walking.


The fabric balls are practical to use, which means that you can easily store them in your handbag or inside the car. They don’t take up much space! Besides, you can have them within reach when you need them.

Promotional tool

These types of bags are widely used in companies to work with marketing. They will help you differentiate yourself from the competition, giving a unique touch to the visualization of your business. Despite paying for them, the free advertising generated by cloth bags is much higher than the expenses in their purchase.

If the company wants to be present in the customer’s mind using the cloth bags is a good way to do it. You can use the bag to promote a product or service launch.

Also as a gift to your customers, and you can associate the image of your company with environmental care.

Promote environmental culture

Fabric bags help promote an environmental culture, especially one that has to do with recycling, which is the fundamental axis of the proposal.

That is, a family that gets used to the use of cloth bags will start to become aware of the importance of recycling in daily life. From there, they can contribute to using other ecological products, such as crockery, glasses, packaging, etc.

Where can you find cloth bags at the best price?


At Greenuso they design and manufacture the best quality cloth bags, offering their customers different models, sizes and formats.

The fabric bags offered through the Greenuso online shop are very resistant and durable. Necessary characteristics to carry out several tasks on a daily basis.

Regularly, they are made with very resistant recycled fabrics, such as denim, which is a raw material for making trousers.

By using fabric bags you will help reduce your environmental footprint and support the recycling of other materials.

Greenuso‘s commitment is to raise awareness and help in the reduction of plastic. For this reason they manufacture products made from the best durable and healthy materials. What more could you ask for?

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