What fruits come out in autumn

What fruits come out in autumn

If you don’t know which fruits come out in autumn, you should know that they provide a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that help strengthen our defences and help us eat a healthy diet. Plus, they’re much cheaper and have better taste and texture.

Do you want to know what autumn fruits are? At Greenuso we want to tell you what the best options are for this season and the importance of their properties

What fruits are eaten in autumn

In autumn, there are many fruit options available to strengthen our bodies with vitamins and minerals. Also, they help us control our cholesterol level and prevent various diseases, such as obesity.

frutas que salen en otoƱo

Next, we will tell you which fruits are available in autumn and the benefits you can get during this season:


Persimmon can be found from September to January on the market. It is a very beneficial fruit when suffering from diarrhoea and high cholesterol. In addition, it provides the body with multiple vitamins and potassium, which are essential in the activities of the nervous system.

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It is also a fruit with an antioxidant which helps to combat ageing. You can enjoy its flavour in desserts, salads or purees.


It is a highly sought-after fruit during the autumn, as it can be purchased from September to April. Thanks to its high vitamin C content , it helps reduce the effects of flu and colds.

Custard apple

Another well-known fruit during this season is the custard apple, which is a good choice for those on a diet, as it contains a low fibre content. Also, it contains minerals and vitamins B and C that help increase our defences.

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It has a high sugar content, giving it an important caloric value, so we should moderate its consumption.


If you suffer from constipation, Kiwi will be very beneficial. You can find it in your favourite fruit shop from September to April.

Among its properties is a high content of vitamin C, making it an excellent antioxidant. It also helps reduce stress and fight anaemia.


From October to May you can buy the oranges if you want to receive in your body multiple vitamins, which are necessary in our daily life. With the oranges you can prepare juices for breakfast and you can use them in rejuvenation diets.


The grapes can be found in the markets since August. It contains properties such as iron, phosphorus and calcium, which are essential for boosting the immune system and preventing many diseases, including osteoporosis

You can use them to accompany cheese and even provide delicious flavours in stews.


The pear is a fruit that provides the body with fibre and vitamins. It also lowers blood pressure and helps to lose weight and, on top of that, promotes the repair of skin tissues. It can be found from June to December.


The mango contains a high content of vitamin C and potassium, making it a perfect ally in the diet to combat water retention. You can eat it raw or use it to prepare an infinite number of desserts. You’ll love it!


Pineapple is one of the most popular exotic fruits in the world. Although it is available all year round, its full season starts in autumn and continues throughout the winter

It contains bromelain, an enzyme with digestive and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended to promote digestion and prevent fluid retention.

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The pomegranate is a very fresh fruit that has a slightly acidic aftertaste. It is very useful for increasing haemoglobin levels in the blood and counteracting anaemia

You can enjoy it in its natural state by adding its seeds to salads or you can also make a tasty shake.


The quince season is very short as it only lasts 3 months, from September to November. It is a yellow-coloured fruit that is consumed only when cooked, in jams or compotes

It is a source of minerals and vitamins, and also contains a lot of fibre which helps to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood.


Although it is a fruit that can be found all year round, its best varieties are grown in autumn. One of its main advantages is that it contains few calories, which is perfect for losing weight

One of the characteristics of the apple’s skin is that it contains a fibre called pectin, which helps to reduce appetite. You can eat it natural or cooked in purees, compotes, jams, etc.

Other fruits to plant in autumn

If you want to know about other fruits to plant in autumn, have a look at the following list:

  • Red fruits and berries: Autumn is also the time for blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. These fruits contain antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory and purifying properties.
  • Figs: This is a Mediterranean fruit that is highly sought after for its flavour. It also has medicinal properties
  • Pumpkin: It is rich in carotenoids and contains antioxidant properties. Its vitamin resources include A, B, C and K.

After finding out which fruits come out in autumn and how you can incorporate them into your daily diet, we invite you to eat them so that you can take advantage of their enormous quantities of properties to look after your health.

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