Generating electricity with water: easy and safe

Generating electricity with water: easy and safe

There are different ways to generate electricity with water, from huge solutions -used to power large inhabited areas- to solutions to supply the consumption of a house. Yes as you read it. You can generate the energy you need in your home using water, without having to build large installations or intervene in the environment. Discover how you can generate electricity with water, in a simple way and supply your energy needs without environmental impact.

How to generate electricity with water

Cómo se logra generar electricidad con agua To generate electricity, large dams are built near rivers or lakes. They must have a constant and strong flow of water. The water is released, in a controlled manner, through tunnels where the hydrogen turbines are located. As the water passes through at high speed, the turbines spin and electric power is produced. Through a complex electrical network, energy is transferred from the dams to the population centres. This is the basic concept of generating electricity with water and is the same as – adapted to different scales – used to supply a building.

Creating electricity with water using micro-turbines

Crear electricidad con agua usando microturbinas Although it is much more common to generate electricity through dams, over the years microturbines have aroused great interest in the market. Microturbines are used to generate energy through water, but in smaller quantities than those originating from large dams. One of the best known models of microturbine is the Archimedes screw. This type uses the fall of small bodies of water, located next to natural falls, to generate electricity. Years ago, the Archimedes’ screw was used to pump water that did not have a power in the low courses of different water bodies. In this way, water was brought to the fields. However, thanks to scientific and industrial developments, the power of water has been able to generate energy to supply the energy needs of small towns.
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How to generate electricity with water for your flat

Cómo generar luz con agua para tu piso If you have in mind to generate the electrical energy of your home, there is a tool that will facilitate your work. There are companies that manufacture devices with the capacity to store water that falls from the rain and generate energy. The device is placed in a pipe that drains the rain water into the device. The mechanism has internal turbines that turn after the water passes through, generating electrical energy. This type of power generation device is ideal for people living in cities or towns with frequent rainfall, as they can make the most of the climate.

Producing electricity from tap water

Producir electricidad con el agua del grifo In addition to generating energy from rainwater, you can also do this when using water in your home. To generate energy from tap water it is necessary to install a device that is placed between the pipe and the tap. Inside this device, there are blades that turn with the pressure of the water coming out of the tap and generate electricity. This is the same concept as for large dams, but on a smaller scale.

Advantages of generating electricity with water

Ventajas que ofrece generar electricidad con agua Electricity generated from water represents 20% of the electricity produced in the world . However, this percentage is increasing every day because of the benefits of using it. Water is a renewable natural resource, so it is always generated again. During the process of obtaining electricity, the water is used to turn the turbines and, at the end of its use, is returned to the riverbed from which it came. It is also a clean and sustainable energy because it does not produce substances or gases that pollute the environment
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Disadvantages of hydropower

Although generating energy with water offers great advantages with its use, it also has a disadvantage that does not make it very attractive. The construction of the dams in charge of generating hydraulic energy has a great impact on the environment. The flooding resulting from the damming of the water covers large areas, affecting animals, plants and human populations. Likewise, the movement generated by the movement of the turbines affects the watercourse as it exits the dam.

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