Methods to germinate an avocado stone

If you still don’t know how to germinate an avocado stone, don’t worry! From Greenuso we will teach you the easiest and quickest methods to do it.

We have tested these methods to germinate an av ocado stone and obtained a successful result in the expected time, so we are sure that you will also find them useful.

Now you can harvest this rich fruit at home and use it to prepare different recipes. Shall we start? Without further delay, let’s get to work!

Methods to germinate an avocado stone

Next, we want to show you 2 different, but equally effective methods to make an avocado stone germinate

germinar un hueso de aguacate

Pay attention to every detail and practice the one you think is best for you.

1. Germinate an avocado stone with paper

This is a fairly simple method with quick results.

Materials required

To put it into practice you will need:

  • An avocado stone.
  • A napkin.
  • A plastic bag.
  • Water.


Now, check out the steps to follow:

  1. The first thing to do is to get the stone from a very ripe avocado. To achieve optimum results it is important that the fruit is not green or half-ripened
  2. It is advisable not to use knives to remove the stone from the avocado as this could damage the seed.
  3. Once the stone has been carefully removed from the avocado, wash it with fresh water to remove any residues from the fruit.
  4. Then wrap the stone in a napkin or kitchen paper soaked in water.
  5. Once wrapped, put it in the plastic bag and place it in a dark place such as inside a cabinet or cupboard.
  6. After a couple of days, check it to make sure the napkin remains moist. If not, wet it a little.
  7. After two weeks you will see the first signs of germination. This is a slow process, so you will have to wait until the bone opens up and shows a root that will come out.
  8. When the root has reached about six centimetres, it will be time to plant it in the pot, being very careful not to break it.
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2. Sprouting an avocado pit with chopsticks

This method is the most recommended because it gives positive results even to the most inexperienced.

Necessary materials

If you dare to try, you will only need these materials:

  • An avocado stone.
  • Chopsticks or toothpicks.
  • Preferably a glass container.
  • Water.


Once you have the materials, follow this step by step:

  1. As in the previous method, you must carefully obtain the stone from a ripe avocado and wash it very well.
  2. The next step will be to identify the ends of the avocado stone very well since the success of the germination will depend on this.
  3. Look at the ends of the avocado seed. The sharpest part will be the upper end where the sprout will germinate, while the widest and most rounded end will be the lower part where the roots will come out.
  4. Now, carefully embed four sticks into the central edges of the avocado stone. The function of these sticks will be to prevent the avocado seed from sinking completely into the water container.
  5. Fill the container with enough water. It is recommended that the container is transparent so that you can see when the roots start to sprout.
  6. Then place the avocado stone inside the container with water so that the bottom part is immersed in the water and the top part is exposed to the air.
  7. Once the avocado seed is located in the water container, it should be placed in a place where it receives sunlight.
  8. The germination process can take up to thirty days. While this is happening you should make sure you change the water every five days to avoid the development of fungi and bacteria that can damage the avocado seed sprout.
  9. As the days go by you will start to see an opening form on the top of the stone. This opening or crack will extend to the centre of the bone and from there a small main root will begin to emerge. The top part of the avocado plant will grow day after day.
  10. When the seedling and root have grown sufficiently, you can transplant it into a pot.
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You’re probably wondering how long it takes for an avocado stone to germinate . If so, you should know that this will depend on the method you have chosen. However, the estimated time varies between 3 and 4 weeks for the root to start coming out.

Do not hesitate to use any of the methods to germinate an av ocado pit suggested above and you will see how easy it is to do so.

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