Growing cherry tomatoes is easy with these tips

Growing cherry tomatoes is easy with these tips

Do you want to grow your own vegetables at home? At Greenuso we recommend that you start by growing cherry tomatoes. They are easy to plant, do not require any special care and are harvested fairly quickly.

With our guide, growing cherry tomatoes is easy with these tips and steps. Now, you can do it easily and get good results. Join us!

Benefits of growing cherry tomatoes

cultivar tomates cherry

The cultivation of this fruit is very beneficial in many ways, among them the following:

  • The consumption of cherry tomatoes provides the body with vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2 and B5, minerals, flavonoids and is an excellent antioxidant.
  • Its cultivation is ideal for small spaces, so you can grow it, even if you live in a small department.
  • It is such a fruitful plant that just one will be enough to feed a whole family.
  • Growing cherry tomatoes inside your home adds a decorative touch to the environment, as they look great on balconies and terraces.
  • Growing them is also an activity that contributes to relaxation and stress management.

Types of cherry tomatoes

To give you an idea of the variety of cherry tomatoes you can grow, we invite you to take a look at the following list:

  • Round cherry tomatoes: This is the most classic and popular. Because of its shape and colour it is called cherry tomato.
  • Pear ch erry tomatoes: Sweet in taste and very soft in texture. They are pear-shaped.
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes: These are small pear-shaped tomatoes with a golden yellow colour. They have a sweet flavour and crunchy texture.
  • Zebra Cher ry Tomatoes: Very striking due to their black stripes on brown skin. Their texture is crunchy and very tasty.
  • Black Cher ry Tomato: Its fruits are a very dark red colour, it has a very good flavour and texture
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Tips for growing cherry tomatoes

Growing cherry tomatoes at home to enjoy their freshness and flavour in a tasty salad will now be totally possible. Just follow these simple tips

Choose the right place

The first thing we will advise you to do is to choose very carefully the place where you will plant the tomatoes. If you don’t have a patio or garden you can use pots on the balcony, but it must be a place where the sun shines.

Germinate your own seedlings

It is preferable that you learn to germinate your own cherry tomato seeds, rather than buying chemically treated ones from the market. To do this you will have to:

  • Place and cover the seeds on a moistened napkin.
  • Now, place it in a place where it won’t get direct sunlight.
  • Check them periodically and make sure they remain moist.
  • In about three or four days the seedlings will start to sprout.

Prepare the soil

It is advisable to remove the soil where you will grow the cherry tomatoes very well. Whether in the yard, garden or in a pot, the soil should not be compacted or hardened, as this will prevent the roots from developing easily.

Also, you should fertilize it so that the plants grow healthy. You can prepare organic compost using food waste such as eggshells, vegetables and others.

In our blog you will find a guide on how to make homecompost.

Planting cherry tomato seedlings

After a week the seeds will have germinated. It is time to take them to the pot or garden. Open a small hole and insert the root, cover it with soil without pressing it too hard and water it a little.

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Take advantage of natural insect repellents

It is highly recommended to plant parsley or chives next to cherry tomatoes. This is because these plants serve as a natural pesticide and will keep away white flies, worms and other insects that could affect the tomato crop.

Care during the growing process

Once the plant starts to develop we must take the following care:

  • Place a tutor so that it grows upright. This consists of burying a stick next to it to hold the upper part of the plant to the end of the stick.
  • Be very careful when watering the plant. It needs water but not too much.
  • Also, when you water the plant, do so directly on the ground. Be careful not to wet the leaves, this will prevent fungus from forming.

Harvest and enjoy your fresh cherry tomatoes

Once the whole cultivation process has been completed, you will probablywonderhow long it takes to grow cherry tomatoes? Well, the time will depend on several factors such as temperature, location, quality of fertilizer and others.

But generally, in 20 or 30 days the plant will start to flower and form the fruit. In 4 more weeks the tomato will be fully formed but still green. Let another 4 weeks go by and the cherry tomatoes will be ripe and juicy for your tasty dishes.

Since you accompanied us until the end of this entry, you will have to recognize that really growing cherry tomatoes is simple with these tips we have offered you.

So put them into practice and enjoy the delicious taste of cherry tomatoes

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