Ecological decoration of homes and businesses

Ecological decoration of homes and businesses

Ecological decoration has become one of the biggest trends, thanks to all its aspects and styles. The eco-friendly lifestyle has come to stay in shops, hotels, restaurants, lounges and our own homes.

The world of interior decoration has evolved to fill spaces with natural elements from sustainable raw materials. Thanks to this, it is possible to find in the market all kinds of sustainable products such as furniture, paintings, lamps, vases and more.

If you want to find out about the latest in products that are friendly to your health and the environment, you can do it here. But first, take a look at the best ideas of ecological decoration of homes and businesses that are in trend for this 2020. Let’s go there!

What is eco-friendly decoration?

Ecological fashion is a new concept of well-being based on creating unique, harmonious and natural spaces in our home or business.

This type of decoration is based on giving a second life to items that would otherwise end up in the garbage. By combining them with nature, it is possible to create a unique and personalized style in each space. For example, if you use plants, dry leaves, branches or seeds as decorative elements in furniture or windows, you can create environments governed by nature.

To integrate ecological culture into your home or business you don’t need a big budget. To start with very simple alternatives such as wood or bamboo, low consumption lighting and recycling. The most important thing is the practical use of the furniture or decorative element. This way, you can create a functional and ethical space with the environment.

Ecological ideas to decorate homes and businesses

ideas ecológicas

If you’d like to lead an eco-friendly life and at the same time be on the cutting edge of interior design, you’re in the right place. Here, we tell you the top of sustainable and ecological decoration trends.

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But remember, the limits are set by your imagination. Be inspired by our ideas and don’t hesitate to give a personal touch.

Let’s start with the walls

Many people believe that to create an ecological environment they should opt for neutral and boring colors, because it doesn’t have to be that way. There are different ways to give a distinctive touch to the walls of your home or business.

One of your possibilities is to cover a wall with wooden pallets, this is a unique, beautiful and organic way to highlight a wall over the others. This type of decoration fits perfectly in almost any space, whether in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or even the office.

Also, it is very fashionable the well-known living walls, which consist of covering a wall with vegetation. Although this type of eco-friendly decoration requires a lot of maintenance it provides an unparalleled aesthetic.

Decorate with recycled furniture

In order to live in a sustainable and ecological environment it is essential to give a second life to objects that no longer fulfil their original function. Fortunately, recycled furniture has made its mark on interior design.

Now more than ever you will be able to find many alternatives of furniture made with wooden pallets. An example of this is the fruit boxes that, sanded and painted, can be turned into sofas, coffee tables, storage spaces, beds, armchairs, among others. By adding a mattress, cushions or a nice upholstery you will get spectacular furniture.

You can also renew your own furniture with a touch of paint to achieve the style that never goes out of style “the vintage”. This will be the best way to avoid cutting down trees for the production of new furniture.

Use plants for interior decoration

Plants are a lifeline for ecological decoration, both at home and in the office. In addition, they are able to create a pleasant, fresh and green environment that helps to purify the air in rooms.

There are plants of all sizes, shapes and colors, but not all of them are suitable for interior decoration. It is very important that you choose plants that are suitable for the space where they will remain.

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A good option to integrate plants in the decoration of your home or business is using flowerpots. Also, you can hang them on the wall as vine plants or simply place vases.

Recycle with art

Recycling and reusing is one of the most economical ways to create attractive, unique and fun spaces. This sector opens up a wide range of possibilities where your only limitation is your imagination and the materials available.

From now on, glass bottles and jars can be turned into lamps, candleholders or beautiful vases. Also, you will be able to personalize the glass jars that have a nice shape to decorate and store food.

With plastic bottles and spoons you can create eco-friendly baskets, chandelier-style lamps, vases and artistic flower pots. Also, you can make organizers, curtains, shelves, poufs for the living room and all kinds of decorative elements.

Raw materials and natural fibres are your best ally for decorating


The use of raw materials and natural fibres has become one of the great trends in interior and exterior design. Materials such as wood, bamboo, cotton, linen, wool and esparto grass help to create a fresh, peaceful and welcoming atmosphere.

Today, it is possible to find all kinds of products and decorative elements made with natural raw materials and fibers. In addition to tablecloths, cushions, containers, wicker baskets and other basics, you will find wall mirrors, ceiling lamps, poufs and tabletop lamps to create chill out corners.

Besides, it is very easy to integrate these pieces in any type of decoration and with any colour. The beige tones and the whole palette of browns are perfect to give a natural and fresh touch to your home or business. But, if you want something more sophisticated, broken white or black may be your best option.

In short, there are many creative and organic options to decorate any space in your home or business. If you personalize the space with good taste, the result will be a comforting and appealing environment.

Don’t forget to visit our online store to find out about all our biodegradable, compostable and reusable products. What are you waiting for to join the latest trend in ecological decoration?

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