What are green jobs?

What are green jobs?

A new economic activity that has had a positive impact on the environment is known as green jobs. These types of jobs encourage the sustainable development of activities that contribute to reducing the damage caused by waste, pollution and inefficient use of energy. Join us to discover the impact that new green jobs have on the economy, some examples of sustainable businesses and where to find a job opportunity that allows you to contribute to the environment.

New Green Jobs What are they?

Nuevos empleos verdes ┬┐Qu├ę son? Green jobs are defined as activities that promote environmental conservation in both traditional and emerging sectors. The activities included in the so-called green jobs are
  • Work in the agricultural sector.
  • Services that promote the preservation of the environment.
  • Jobs in the administrative area.
  • Development of research and analysis activities that allow the implementation of favourable actions in the ecosystems.

Economic impact of green jobs

Impacto econ├│mico del empleo verde The economic impact of the transition to green jobs functions as a major driver in reducing negative effects onthe environment. Among the actions of the new green jobs we can mention
  • Reduction of pollution
  • .
  • Decrease in waste generation.
  • Care and recovery of affected ecosystems.
  • Restriction of the emission of gases produced by the greenhouse effect.
  • Promotion of efficient energy use.
  • Promotion of actions that contribute to the adaptation of climate change
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How far will green jobs go?

¿Hasta dónde llegarán los empleos verdes? The new green jobs are expected to expand and transform the labour market. In this way, more sustainable enterprises with better business opportunities would be created. In addition to promoting a new economic system based on four fundamental pillars: food, population, energy and health. For this to happen, it is necessary to promote green jobs for young people, as well as businesses focused on leading the environmental market

Examples of green jobs

Ejemplos de empleos verdes The opportunities for growth offered by new green jobsare diverse. Above all, what is evident in the development of an economic sector that improves the quality of life. It also seeks to minimise the negative effects on the ecosystem. Some of the green jobs opportunities for young people available are
  • Conservation of natural resources.
  • Design and construction of infrastructures and sustainable urbanisms.
  • Restoration, distribution and maintenance of
  • aquatic spaces.
  • Planning of educational activities related to the conservation and recycling of the environment.
  • Activities related to corporate responsibility
  • .
  • Sustainable work in the livestock, agricultural and fishing sectors.
  • Prevention and control of business pollution.
  • Ecological design aimed at improving goods and developing new products.
  • Ecological food shops.
  • Environmental consultancy to provide advice on sustainable standards, environmental impact and topographical studies.

Economic sectors with the highest demand for these types of jobs

Sectores econ├│micos con mayor demanda de este tipo de empleos The inclusion of green jobs in new economic sectors, in addition to the advantages described above, hasalso increased the demand for these types of jobs. The future of new green jobs depends on the development of a competitive labour market.
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This reality allows new opportunities to be generated among workers. On the other hand, it contributes to improving environmental conditions. Among the economic sectors that are driving the transition to green jobs and from where demand is greatest, we have
  • Energy sector
  • : promotes the development of renewable energy systems in which professionals such as engineers, designers, technicians and wind turbines are required.
  • Construction sector
  • : in charge of achieving the sustainability of urban developments through ecological construction. It requires architects, electricians, building service technicians, consultants and auditors.
  • Manufacturing sector:
  • in charge of the elaboration and production of articles, this task requires the presence of engineers and officials in charge of waste control.
  • Agricultural sector
  • : promotes agricultural production adjusted to the reduction of harmful effects on the environment. Specialists are required in the area of water, soil, environmental restoration and ecological crops.
  • Transport sector:
  • requires the incorporation of personnel with skills to maintain electric and natural gas cars. In this sector, the transport systems used are ecological.
  • Tourism sector:
  • this sector incorporates skills and knowledge focused on the development of ecological tourism. This sector requires the participation of professionals such as: tourist guides, specialists in astro-tourism and ecological tourism.
  • Industrial sector:
  • this sector is in great demand due to the development of extraction processes which need to be properly managed by specialised personnel such as engineers.
  • Waste management:
this sector is dedicated to waste treatment and recycling. It requires personnel trained in environmental engineering, environmental analysts, landscape architects and scientists.

How and where to find green jobs

C├│mo y d├│nde encontrar empleos verdes There are several options available to find green jobs for young people, these activities are related to the sustainable development of the economy. The ideal is to use the websites – existing on the Internet – both for bidding and for looking for work with these characteristics.

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