Sustainable water consumption: tips for achieving it

Sustainable water consumption: tips for achieving it

Responsible water consumption is fundamental to health, global socio-economic progress and ecosystem balance. That is why on this occasion we plan to teach you how to use and recycle this natural resource correctly. Remember, water is life and that is why we must take care of it. Without further delay, here we go!

Water, a valuable natural resource

Sustainable water consumption is essential to reduce global disease, improve social welfare and increase economic productivity in populations. It is therefore important to raise awareness of its use. Conscious use of water guarantees its quality and prevents it from degrading. In this way, you can ensure its future availability. Without unpolluted water, it is impossible for life to exist on our planet earth. In fact, water is so indispensable to humanity that its improper use would cause disease and deplete entire populations. That is why, since Greenuso we invite you to face the water crisis from now on! Through the protection and responsible consumption of water all corners of the planet will have access to clean water. This must be free of contaminating agents, guaranteeing its accessibility in the present and towards the future.

6 tips for sustainable water consumption

As we know, human beings cannot live more than one week without consuming water. So, if you are worried about the water crisis, check out these 6 habits of responsible water consumption.
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1. Reuse water at home

Generally, a lot of drinking water is wasted in gardening when plants are watered and paths are cleaned. However, you can save this resource considerably by using rainwater. Therefore, it would be great to place rainwater collection tanks in the gardens. You could even use this water when washing your car or doing any other household task In addition, you can recycle the water left over when you finish washing clothes in any household task such as cleaning the bathrooms, garage, and so on.

2. Check for water leaks and repair them

Believe it or not, a small leak in the pipes can cause huge amounts of water to be spilled daily. For that reason, you should be aware of the planet, be more responsible and solve these breakdowns immediately. consumo sostenible del agua Water leaks are usually caused by very old pipes, poorly made connections, high water pressure or after buying poor quality pipes. However, call the plumber!

3. Saves water

Make conscious use of water and save many litres annually. From now on, avoid taking long showers, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, soaping or shaving your beard, and even use the washing machine and dishwasher only when you have large loads. Also, it is very convenient to install water flow reduction devices on all taps. These will allow you to control the litres of water you use per minute. And finally, avoid using the hose when you decide to wash your car, motorbike or bike, so as not to waste water. Without a doubt, simpleactions will make a big difference!
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4. Install thermostatic or electronic taps

Electronic taps reduce water consumption considerably. This is thanks to the fact that they are designed to open or close the water flow in an automated way when you move your hands closer or further away. This considerable water saving makes thermostatic taps a beneficial alternative for the environment. They avoid water waste and reduce the impact of human consumption on our planet.

5. Establish sustainable agriculture plans

It is vital that governments around the world establish sustainable agricultural schemes where more water resources can be saved. Today these methods can be achieved through the intelligent use of 3.0 technology. In this way, farmers will be able to use intelligent sensors to measure soil moisture, climatic variables, plant condition and others. This will reduce unnecessary water wastage.

6. Efficient resource management

Today, global society is facing a real water crisis that can only be countered through sustainable water consumption, promoting clean energy and optimizing production processes. That is why, among other things, it is necessary to regulate water use in river basins. In this way, water processes are optimised, thus achieving
  • Decrease in water consumption
  • . This would guarantee improvements in the distribution networks, the detection of breakdowns, leaks and others.
  • Improved quality of the water discharged
. This is thanks to the systems for controlling pollution in sanitation networks, storm tanks and others. In short,consumo sostenible del agua sustainable water consumptionis a great challenge that we have ahead of us in order to satisfy the current water needs and not affect future generations.consumo sostenible del agua Think about it and become aware!

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