Recycling ideas for decoration

Recycling ideas for decoration

If you want to renew your home in a creative, ecological and cheap way you can use recycled materials. Fortunately, from Greenuso we bring you 5 recycling ideas to decorate your home and get the style you are looking for. Recycling is a way of contributing to the environment, but beyond that, it is also a great strategy for saving. What many people consider to be rubbish can be very useful for the decoration of any space. Let’s go there!

5 ideas for recycling to decorate the house

Here are 5 recycling ideas to decorate your home:

1. Decorate with glass jars

If you have some glass jars at home, don’t throw them away! You can recycle them in various ways to decorate your home, some of which are
  • Lamps. You only have to open an opening in the lid to insert the lamp holder and place a transparent bulb inside the bottle. Make several of these lamps and hang them together from long cables – they’ll look great!
  • Vases. If you want to make a really nice vase, you can take a glass jar and decorate it using your creativity. An excellent idea is to cover it with stamens of various colours, although you can also paint them.
  • Organizer or object storage. These containers are ideal for organizing or storing all kinds of objects: cutlery, sewing materials, non-perishable food, among others. You can write on them the name of the elements they store.
  • Candle holders. For a romantic dinner or any other special occasion, placing candles in glass jars looks very pretty. You can make figures with paint or other materials to make them look great.
  • Soap dish. If you want to decorate your bathroom or kitchen with a nice soap dish you can use a glass jar. Just insert a dispenser through the lid of the jar, put enough liquid soap and that’s it.
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2. Build your furniture with recycled materials

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can create your furniture with recycled materials, which will add a unique touch to your home. Among the materials you can recycle for this purpose are
  • Wooden pallets. They are ideal for making beds, sofas, tables, shelves, hallways, bathroom and kitchen furniture, among others. It is possible to use them with their original structure or disassemble them to recycle the wood. They will need to be polished or sanded, painted (if necessary) and varnished.
  • Wooden boxes. These boxes, usually used to transport and store fruit and vegetables, can be used to make shelves, side tables, boots, and much more. Hanging several of them on your wall in the form of a shelf is great.
  • Tyres. You can turn a used tyre into a comfortable pouf, you just have to clean it well, paint it (if you want) and put a padded seat. You can also make a coffee table with a recycled tyre.

3. Recycling ideas for decorating the garden

One of the spaces in our home where we can get very creative when it comes to decorating is the garden. Some of the recycling ideas you can use are ideas de reciclaje para decorar jardin
  • Tyres as flowerpots. You just have to wash them well, fill them with good soil and plant the plants of your preference in them. You can paint them with vibrant colours, although they also look great with their original black colour.
  • Boots and shoes. Shoes that you no longer wear can be turned into very decorative pots that you can hang or place in a special place in your garden.
  • Light bulbs. Light bulbs that don’t work can be turned into really nice little pots. Just open them from the metal side with a saw, fill them with water and plant your plants. Hang them anywhere in your garden – they look great!
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4. Decorate with CDs

Today we no longer need CDs, as we listen to music via our mobile phones and other electronic devices. Fortunately, you can use the CDs you have at home to decorate in various ways:
  • Mosaics. Just cut the CDs into small, irregular pieces and stick them on a specific surface, such as a plate, a mirror frame, a table, etc. This way you will create a dazzling mosaic.
  • Cup holder. You can create very original cup holders with old CDs. You can decorate them as you like with different materials such as fabric, paint, or simply leave them in their original state.
  • Christmas decorations. The CDs can be used to make a lot of Christmas decorations because of its particular brightness.

5. Recycles plastic containers for decoration

Plastic is one of the elements that dirties the planet the most. If you have plastic containers at home, don’t throw them away. You can recycle them in the following ways:
  • Pencil holders. With any plastic bottle you can create a pencil holder either for your study room or your child’s room. Decorate it with a design that fits the room where you want to place it.
  • Containers for objects. You can use them to store various objects such as toothbrushes, beauty accessories, among others. Just give them an eye-catching design using your creativity.
How about using these recycling ideas to decorate your home? At Greenuso we encourage you to do so and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

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