Pellet stoves and their advantages

Estufas de pellets y sus ventajas

Pellet stoves are a sustainable alternative to obtain a heat source, from the use of an economical and low impact biofuel against the environment.

The pellet is a non-polluting and economical fuel used to start the stoves. It is made of untreated wood and has a cylindrical shape.

The pellet is obtained from the sawdust resulting from the processing of the wood.

Only wood waste is used to make it. The raw material itself serves as a binder or glue when the sawdust is compressed.

Generally, pellet stoves are used to generate heat in spaces near their location.

Come with us to discover the advantages of equipment and options available on the market.

What are pellet stoves?

驴Qu茅 son las estufas de pellets?

Pellet stoves are appliances used to heat spaces. They consist of an internal storage, an ashtray, a heating element, a turbine and a grill through which the hot air is released.

There are several models of pellet stoves, which have particular features such as: temperature regulator, remote control, sensor to detect the temperature and regulate the ignition.

Advantages of pellet stoves

Ventajas de las estufas pellets

Depending on the model, pellet stoves can offer some additional advantages. However, the most recurrent characteristics in these ecological heating systems are the following:

  1. Have a sustainable and renewable heating system.
  2. Its low CO2 emissions reduce the effects of greenhouse gases and acid rain.
  3. They are capable of generating high caloric power.
  4. They transmit heat by air and by radiation.
  5. They offer a pleasant thermal sensation.
  6. Its operation is automatic.
  7. The most modern models have the necessary technology to be programmed remotely, only with the use of your mobile phone.
  8. The heating can be regulated by the use of adjustable thermostats.
  9. They are more economical than other heating systems available on the market.
  10. They do not produce unpleasant smells in your spaces.
  11. It is ideal for people with respiratory conditions, do not represent any danger to health.
  12. They are a safe source of energy.
  13. They are ideal for heating small spaces.
  14. They do not need regular maintenance, only the removal of accumulated ashes.

Types of pellet stoves

Tipos de estufas de pellets

In the market there are several options focused on satisfying your heat generation needs, also your tastes.

To help you in your decision to buy a pellet stove, with focus on what you want, we present you the types of pellet stoves that you can find in the market.

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Air Stoves

Air heaters are used to heat the space where they are installed.

This type of pellet stove has a programmable electronic on/off system, expelling the hot air through a fan.

They have a safety system of temperature and door opening of the stove.

They have a 220-volt power outlet and some models have the possibility of connecting to a thermostat or remote control.

Ductable stoves

Duct heaters are used to distribute heat through special ducts. They work by expelling the hot air through the front of the machine, taking it to various spaces.

This type of stove is ideal for use in flats with several rooms or large spaces, such as living rooms or enclosed terraces.

Hydro-stoves or thermostoves

The hydro-stoves or thermostoves are small boilers with the capacity to heat the entire floor. They are connected to the radiator circuit where the stove is installed.

They can generate hot water if an external interacumulator is installed.

This type of stove has safety systems of temperature, pressure, expansion vessel, electronic ignition and programmer.

How do pellet stoves work?

驴C贸mo funcionan las estufas de pellets?

The operation of the pellet stoves is simple and safe, its ignition is automatic and does not represent any risk.

The pallets are loaded into the stove and when they burn, ventilation is started in the fire chamber and then air is passed through the ashtray to fan the flame.

Once in operation, heat sensors are activated to release the heat from the stove to the outside.

When the desired temperature is reached, the stove will stop burning and start the process again when the temperature has dropped.

The stove heats by means of adjustable ventilation that allows cold air to pass through a hole located at the back of the stove and when exchanged it is expelled from the front, but at the desired temperature.

Installation of a pellet stove

Instalaci贸n de una estufa de pellets

The installation of a pallet stove is very simple, it is only necessary to have four main elements:

  1. The pallet stove.
  2. The exhaust connection.
  3. The chimney.
  4. The cap.

It is also important to have an outlet for the smoke, either pre-installed or with the possibility of installing it, an electrical connection and a space to store the pallet bags.

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The installation of the gas outlet connection requires high quality, resistant and very thick pipes. Usually, pipes with a diameter between 80 mm and 100 mm are used.

The flue pipes are located at the rear of the stove and their connection must be directed towards the outer wall.

How do I calculate the power required?

驴C贸mo calculo la potencia necesaria?

As you well know, in order to heat any space -no matter its size- you will need an amount of energy. The energy needed is proportional to the size of the space.

But how do you calculate the amount of power you need to effectively heat that room or space?

It is estimated that the amount of energy needed to heat 鈥 at a comfortable temperature 鈥 a 10 square metre space is 1 kw.

So, to heat a 4 x 4 metre room, i.e. 16 square metres, you will need a pellet stove with the capacity to generate 1.6 kw of power.

However, this calculation depends on the season, the location of the room, the number of windows to the outside, even the time you want to heat.

In any case, to make sure you have the equipment you really need, we recommend that you provide the measurements of your spaces to the person who sells you the pellet stove. This way, you will be sure to buy the one that fits your needs.

Recommendations for safe pellet stove installation

Recomendaciones para instalar una estufa de pallets de forma segura

Before starting the installation of a pallet stove it is necessary to consider the following recommendations, the idea is to make sure that you do the installation according to the best practices and without putting your safety at risk:

  • Choose the right size of stove to be installed.
  • Place the stove in a level space that will support the weight of the stove.
  • Install the stove in a location close to the outside that allows smoke to escape.
  • Place the stove in a wide and ventilated space.
  • Make sure that the stove is located in a place away from flammable elements.

We hope that this information will help you to select your next pellet stove. If you would like any additional information, please leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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