How to plant a tree?

How to plant a tree?

At Greenuso we are concerned about the monstrous felling of trees, so we have decided to teach our readers how to plant a tree correctly. In this way, we actively work for a greener planet.

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The planet has been very generous with us, so it is time to give back a little bit of affection. Come on!

Benefits of planting a tree: for you and the planet

Planting a tree is a beautiful, simple and quick activity to perform. It only takes a few minutes a day and you can do it in the company of your family during your free time.

Below, we will detail the benefits of planting a tree for you and the environment:

  • It is the best strategy to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and to fight global warming.
  • It prevents environmental problems such as soil erosion and desertification.
  • They provide purified oxygen and ensure the survival of all species that inhabit planet earth.
  • They reduce air and sonic pollution.
  • They reduce the likelihood of natural disasters.
  • They regenerate the fertility of the soil to grow all kinds of food.
  • They encourage economic development in poor countries suffering from erosion, desertification and food shortages.
  • They are perfect for beautifying urban spaces.

How to plant a tree, step by step

If you want to plant a tree, you must bear in mind some factors that are decisive for the success of your commendable action.

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Take a look at the next step in how to plant a tree correctly and ensure its healthy development. Let’s get started!

1. Select the tree

Ideally, you should choose to plant a tree that is native to the area, as this will better adapt to the climate and soil type of the place. To find the right tree we recommend the following:

  1. Find out which are the forest species in the area where you live.
  2. For greater accuracy, go to the forestry authorities in your city to get precise information.
  3. Once you know what kind of tree to plant, visit the nearest nursery and buy your favourite one.

2. Locate the site where to sow it

So that you don’t regret it in the future, think carefully and decide where you will plant your tree taking into account situations such as the following:

  1. You can’t plant it in the middle or near a garden, as its shade will affect the growth of the garden products.
  2. Never plant it near pipes or drains because the roots could break and clog them.
  3. It is also not advisable to plant it near the house as in the long term it could affect the roof and construction in the event of strong winds.

3. Wait for the ideal moment to sow it

Once you know where to plant the tree, you must wait for the right time or conditions to do so. We refer to the following:

  1. Try to plant it on a day with a temperate climate without strong winds.
  2. Wait until mid afternoon so that the plant has enough time to adapt to the new soil before facing the strong midday sun.
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4. Prepare the ground

Logically, the area where you plant the tree must have the right conditions for it to develop fully. To do this you must do the following:

  1. Remove all the weeds from the area.
  2. If there are any bushes, grass or flowers, you must remove them from the site. This is because they will absorb moisture and nutrients from the soil, thus compromising the full growth of your tree.

5. Open the hole

You will know how to make a hole to plant a tree by following these steps:

  1. Using a pick and shovel, proceed to dig a hole that measures twice the diameter and depth of the tree’s root.
  2. These dimensions will give the plant’s roots room to spread out easily.
  3. Clean the soil by removing stones, sticks or other debris.
  4. Once the soil is free of debris, set it aside to cover the plant again later.

6. Plant the tree

Now, it is time to plant the tree and to do so you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Carefully remove the plant from the pot or bag.
  2. Place it in the centre of the hole and proceed to fill it with soil, taking care that the neck of the root is not buried deep but at ground level.
  3. You should also make sure that the tree does not lean over but is straight.
  4. Compact the soil around the plant by exerting a little force with your hands.
  5. Water your newly planted tree generously.

Now that you know how to plant a tree, we invite you to participate actively in the reforestation of forests and rural areas. Start from your community and let’s work together for a greener world!

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