Why is it important to recycle?

Te contamos por qué es importante reciclar

It is important to recycle, an activity that we need to put into practice. Its adoption allows us to reduce the high levels of pollution that affect the environment, optimize the use of raw materials and promote the conservation of natural resources.

Although it may seem complicated, recycling with some practice, becomes a habit with which you are an active part of a positive change to take care of the planet.

Reusing materials, disposing of them in recycling bins, turning off unneeded lights or turning off water taps are some of the actions needed to achieve this.

Read on, learn a little more about the importance and benefits of recycling in your lifestyle and for the care of the environment.

Recycling in five dimensions

El reciclaje en cinco dimensiones

Plants and animal species, which live in the various ecosystems of the planet, are affected by the amount of waste that people dispose of inappropriately or without giving them a second chance at life

In order to act and solve this problem, it is necessary to create an awareness of the recycling of some materials and the need to reduce consumption of services.

But why is it important to recycle in our lives?

Let’s look at the positive impact of recycling on the environment, taking into account five different aspects and how we can contribute to reducing the damage caused to the environment.

Preservation of the environment

Households, establishments and industries produce waste and gases that pollute the environment on a large scale.

We can recycle easily at home.

It is ideal to start with the correct management of our waste. In addition, we should separate materials such as paper or plastic so that they can be recycled and new products manufactured.

Finally, organic waste can be used to make compost for plants.

If we do that in any home, imagine what can happen if industries start recycling.

The moment some companies and industries reuse some raw materials to manufacture their products, greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide are reduced.

Plastic products that are discarded in their corresponding recycling container are reused to extract their raw material and thus do not end up in bodies of water causing damage to the species in that habitat.

By recycling and reusing the materials, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment

The more people who join in this work, the deeper and more lasting the results will be.

Conscious use of natural resources

Another reason why it is important to recycle is to optimize the use of natural resources. Many of which are non-renewable.

When manufacturing new products from reused materials such as glass, plastic or paper; businesses and industries do not need to exploit new environmental raw materials.

If raw materials are needed to supplement the materials being recycled, the requirements for regenerating what was used must be met.

For example, companies that cut down trees to make some products – such as stationery – must plant approximately 15 trees for every tree that has been cut down.

Cleaning the air

Natural resources must be preserved; life on the entire planet depends on them.

If energy is saved, it is used for other activities and the production of gases that cause irreparable damage to the atmosphere is reduced.

By reducing energy consumption in the extraction, manufacturing and transport processes of a company’s products, fewer greenhouse gases are generated.

As they have no gases in the atmosphere, the air we breathe will be clean and will not cause health problems, especially those related to heart and respiratory diseases.

In addition, the ozone layer will not deteriorate and will fulfill its functions to protect people from ultraviolet rays.

Manufacture of new and innovative products

The importance of recycling is also linked to the creation of new products, that is, with the reuse of materials already exploited.

In recent years, with the implementation of recycling, many companies have begun to use the products from recycling containers to create new items.

There are households where many products are reused after their initial use. This with the aim of giving them a new life.

To do this, crafts are used, among other methods of transformation, through which they are converted into storage containers, toys, practical utensils or any other type of utility.

Generation of new jobs

Recycling, besides helping to care for the environment and avoid generating waste that pollutes more, is a source of job creation.

Due to the current legislation, our waste must be disposed of in the colored containers, according to the type of material with which they were manufactured.

The whole recycling industry, from waste disposal according to its type, needs the attention of many people to perform various tasks.

That’s hundreds of jobs.

But that is just one of the aspects, we would also have to take into account the positive impact on the generation of jobs within other activities, such as reforestation and transport of recycled materials.

Essential factors when thinking about why it is important to recycle

Factores esenciales al pensar por qué es importante reciclar

It is estimated that the average waste generation, per person, reaches two kilograms of waste per day. This is on a global scale.

A small part of all that waste is recycled, so the damage we do to the environment is incalculable in most cases.

That is why it is necessary to change the lifestyle of consumption and waste, to start reusing products that offer us the possibility of giving them a second chance of use.

Recycling reduces environmental pollution and its effects on plant species, animal species, humans and ecosystems.

The main thing is to adopt, as a lifestyle, what is known as the three R’s of ecology: reuse, reduce and recycle.


This is one of the simplest aspects. For this reason, we name it first. It consists of giving the materials you have at home a second chance, instead of turning them into waste.

In the case of glass containers, it is best to use them for food storage. Some people use them to store used oil so that it is disposed of properly and not flushed down the drain.

Paper sheets should be used on both sides, so that numerous tree felling is avoided. They can then be left for the children of the house to cut out or draw.

These are small actions that are carried out inside the home, but generate a large positive impact on the environment.


One of the causes of pollution is the consumerism that is experienced daily.

So, the second way to support the conservation of the environment is to reduce.

This means working, in a conscious and real way, to bring the consumption of polluting materials, such as plastics, to a minimum.


With the recycling of different raw materials, a large number of new products are made.

When products are separated and disposed of according to the material from which they were made, a cleaning procedure is applied to remove any waste and send it to various industries for treatment, processing and recycling.

In this type of activities, the importance of recycling can be assumed as a value to the natural policies of the company.

No more confusion! Get to know the colours of recycling

¡Basta de confusión! Conoce los colores del reciclaje

A knowledge that you must handle perfectly, if you want to recycle in the right way, is to distinguish what color waste container belongs to each of the products you are going to throw away.

If the waste is thrown in the wrong containers, the process of separating the materials for transport to the industries is slowed down.

So, to avoid problems, know the differences in materials for each container


Grey containers are used to dispose of waste that is biodegradable.

They are the most used in urbanizations, although over time they have been replaced by the orange recycling containers.


Like the grey container, the orange waste container is used to dispose of organic waste.

If there is no grey bin nearby, there will surely be an orange one.


Green containers are used to dispose of any product that is made of glass.

Inside these containers you should not deposit materials such as glass or ceramics, as they have a complicated process of reuse.

Any containers that are discarded inside these containers should not have corks or lids, as they have a different recycling process.


Products made of plastic are placed inside the yellow containers

Food or beverage cans should also be disposed of in this container.


Products made of paper and cardboard are placed in the blue containers.

In other words, inside these containers we discard sheets of paper, boxes, containers, newspapers, magazines, among others.

As a tip, when disposing of boxes in these containers it is necessary to disassemble the boxes to make room for other waste and not to leave them outside.


Red containers are not very common in cities, but they are the ones that contribute the most to avoid the generation of pollution.

Within them you can dispose of bottles of oil, batteries, aerosols, insecticides or products from the technological area.

Turn your life around and use recyclable materials

Dale un giro a tu vida y utiliza materiales reciclables

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