Recycled Home Decorating Ideas

Recycled Home Decorating Ideas

Who hasn’t had things at home to throw away? Pay attention to this entry where we will show you how to take advantage of these materials with recycled home decoration ideas.

To make recycled decorations you only need two things, objects that you are going to throw away or not use and a lot of creativity. The important thing is to create new objects that bring beauty to a space in your home by taking advantage of resources without polluting the environment.

Many companies are now creating ecological household utensils and objects to reduce the impact on the environment. Greenuso.com is a virtual store that offers tableware, containers, kitchen utensils, napkins and tablecloths made of ecological and biodegradable materials.

If you want to know about recycled decoration ideas, read on:

Recycled room decorations

For the rooms there are beautiful decorations that can be made from simple objects. Here are some very simple but tasteful ideas:

Can pots

This idea gives a great refined touch to the rooms, you just have to collect old cans and paint them with the color you want. They are very fashionable and very useful in many decoration projects, and can be used as containers, vases or to store objects.

On this occasion we suggest placing ornamental plants, to help stimulate the senses and give a special touch to your room.

Tables and shelves made of wooden boxes

In this case you just have to dust off those wooden boxes and paint them in the color that best matches your room. They work perfectly as bedside tables, book or clothes racks or to place any object that brings beauty to your room.

Recycling these objects gives an original touch to your room, the only thing you will have to do is to let your imagination fly.

Hanging vases with light bulbs

It is a decoration that has become very popular and is also very useful and easy to make. In the metal portion, you only have to open a hole, being very careful not to break it.

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Tie a string from the metal end to the structure where you are going to hang it. Finally, fill it with water and place flowers or plants with roots. As they are transparent, you can see the roots in the water and this gives a very elegant decorative effect to your room.

Recycled Kitchen Decorations

In the kitchen we can also make decorations from recycled materials that maintain a unique style, pay attention to these ideas:

Canned cutlery holder

It is a super useful idea to keep the kitchen in order by giving it a special touch. Just gather 6 metal cans of any canned product you have bought, such as tomatoes, mushrooms, among others.

Paint them in a neutral color such as white, silver, black or a color that goes with your kitchen decor. Then on a wooden slat previously painted in the same color, stick 3 on one side and 3 on the other with liquid silicone. It is very important that you make sure they are well attached to the board and to each other.

Finally you will have an excellent cutlery holder in your kitchen and the best with recyclable materials.

Cup organizer with PVC tubes

It’s an easy way to organize your drinks in the kitchen. You should have pieces of PVC pipe left over from the last repairs or works in your home.

Make an opening about 1.5 cm wide that goes through the tube on one side only. Make a hole at each end where you can put a rope to hang it in a corner of your kitchen. Finally, give it a few coats of paint in the colour that best suits your decoration.

That’s your glass organizer! Insert the glasses upside down in the slot and they will be ready for the next celebration.

Fruit bowl made with buttons

Collect a good amount of recycled buttons, ideally in different colors and sizes for variety. Get a bowl and start arranging all the buttons inside.

Then, place clear liquid silicon on the entire surface of the buttons. The idea is that the buttons have a transparent cover that gives them resistance to the bowl.

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Let it dry for 24 hours, remove it from the bowl and it is ready to use in the kitchen to place your fruits on the table.

Recycled decorations for the entire home

There are also very useful decorations to give a special touch to your home, don’t forget to read these beautiful ideas:

Cushions with clothes

If you have clothes that you don’t use or you want to give them a second chance, the ideal is to turn them into a cushion. You should also have a sewing machine, cushion filling, zipper and any additional decorations you wish to put on.

The first thing you have to do is draw the model of the cushion you want to make, then transfer the model to the fabric. Leave one centimeter above the edge of the seam and start sewing the fabric straight on, without sewing the last end.

Turn the fabric over and start introducing the filling. Close the open end or zip it up so that you can open it and wash it whenever you want.

Vases of glass jars

It’s one of the simplest and easiest decorations to make, you just have to have glass jars that you don’t use. The decoration of the jar will depend on your imagination.

One option is to use colored threads covering the entire length of the bowl. First put glue on the entire surface of the jar and start covering it, let it dry for several hours.

Then you can use it as a vase in any corner of your home. Don’t forget to put some water inside it so that your flowers don’t wither quickly.

Racquet mirror

It will be a very easy object to make, you just have to glue a glass with the oval shape of the inside of the racket. In this way you will be able to place it on the wall and enjoy a very original mirror.

Finally, recycled decorations are a great option for those who want to give valuable objects a second chance. Recycling is a way to maintain an ecological behavior in our home, thus contributing to the environment.

Also, we can implement in our home the use of utensils made of ecological and biodegradable materials. If you are interested in using them, do not hesitate to visit Greenuso.com, you will find the best packaging and dishes at the best price.

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