List of the most famous and beautiful trees in the world: do you know them all?


There are trees that, thanks to their unique beauty, can turn any ordinary space into an attractive tourist centre.

If today you decided to learn which are the most famous and beautiful trees in the world, take a look!

The 10 most famous and beautiful trees in the world

Although we can’t deny that all the colorful, leafy and large trees are beautiful, there are some that really stand out for their majesty.

Here is a list of the 10 most famous and beautiful ones in the world:

1. Wisteria Sinensis, glorious natural beauty!

We found it in Japan, inside Flower Park Ashikaga. With its 150 years and 2200 m extension it is considered the biggest and oldest tree in this country. It is also listed as one of the best dream destinations to visit.

It is the main attraction of this park because of its captivating beauty. As you stand underneath the tunnels formed by these trees during the flowering season you will see a magnificent sky dotted with pink and purple hues – an experience from another world!

2. The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, a natural work of art!

Like the previous one, this tree also stands out for its beauty. Its name is due to the multicolored tones shown by its trunk when the bark changes. The interior is bright green, then changes to blue, purple, orange and brown.

It can grow 3 meters in one year to 70 meters. It can be found mainly in the Philippines, Indonesia and Hawaii.

3. Tule tree, with the widest trunk in the world!

America also has impressive trees like the Tule tree. This one is located in Oaxaca, Mexico, has 58 meters of contour and a diameter of 15 m. Because of its great width, it would take more than 30 people to surround it.

It is approximately 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Because of its exaggerated robustness, it was thought to be two trees joined together, but DNA tests proved that this was not the case.

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4. Baobab, the tree planted backwards!

Talking about giant trees with big trunks we have to mention the Baobab. They can live up to 1000 years and reach 30 meters in height. They are located on the island of Madagascar, Africa and Australia. Because of its exotic appearance it stands out among the most beautiful fruit trees in the world.

This species is known as the “upside-down tree”. A local legend says that because it was a tree that was conceited, God punished it by burying its branches so that its roots would grow upwards.

5. Redwood President, of the largest trees in the world!

If you thought the Baobad was tall, it’s because you haven’t seen the great height of the Presidential Redwood, it’s gigantic! It’s 75 meters high and 28 meters in circumference. You can find it in Redwood National Park, California.

It is believed that this long-lived tree is 3200 years old. Because of its colossal size, a group of experts from National Geographic took 32 days to photograph it completely. They took at least 126 photos, which they then pieced together to form the complete picture of the tree.


6. Dragon’s Blood Tree, a botanical curiosity!

For eccentric trees, the Dragon’s Blood or Drago stands out. It has become a tourist attraction thanks to the abundant red sap that emanates from it when any kind of cut is made in its fine bark.

Its appearance resembles an umbrella or parasol, a very characteristic form of prehistoric trees. Furthermore, the beautiful Dragon’s Blood tree is so strange and peculiar that it is only found on Tenerife and the Island of Socotra, a small corner of the world that belongs geographically to the African Continent.

7. Angel Oak: the oldest of its kind!

Located in John Island, United States, it reaches 1,580 square meters and its branches are 20 meters high. Many researchers claim that this majestic tree is approximately 1500 years old.

There is a beautiful story about the Angel Oak that tells how thousands of angels gathered in its unfolding branches to absorb the energy, wisdom and magic that only this tree could release.

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8. Board: the prison tree!

If we talk about famous trees we have to mention the Board, which has a huge brown hollow crown. This has allowed it to stand out among the most admired trees in all of Western Australia.

It is also known as Prison Boab, and may be over a thousand years old today. It is also said that its hollow trunk was used in the late nineteenth century as a temporary prison, pantry, religious center and cabin of Aborigines.

9. Slope Point trees: a different natural wonder!

Undoubtedly, the Slope Point hairstyle trees have a well-deserved place in this list thanks to their curious appearance. When observing them, you will notice that they have an angle as if they had been swept by the wind.

These famous trees in the far south of New Zealand owe their striking appearance to the fact that they are constantly buffeted by extreme Antarctic winds. They are, without doubt, a peculiar natural beauty worth knowing.

10. Cypress Lone: the most photographed in North America!

We can’t finish without telling you about the famous Lone Cypress or commonly known as Monterey Cypress. This tree is approximately 250 years old, is 25 feet tall and can be found in Pebble Beach, California.

What’s unique about the Cypress Lone is that it grew up alone on a steep cliff between two world-famous golf courses, the public Pebble Beach Golf Links and the Cypress Point Club.

Now that you know the most famous and beautiful trees in the world, from Greenuso we want to remind you that they are the lungs of the earth. Thanks to them carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen, not to mention that they protect us from climate change.

Therefore, to take care of the trees is to take care of ourselves!

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