Insect hotel: how to do it and what it is used for


When we hear about insects, we are shocked and even panicked because they inspire some kind of fear in us and we are even terrified to think that they might be at home.

But not all insects are harmful, some of these small animals, a pair of antennae and three pairs of legs can be beneficial for organic gardens. And we at Greenuso know that!

That is why our virtual shop will inform you about the use of these little animal hotels that can be of great help to us.

What is an insect hotel?

An insect hotel is a place that we conditioned to attract little animals like ladybirds, wasps or bees that will occupy it and end up making it their home to raise their offspring.


What is the purpose of an insect hotel?

You will probably still be wondering what an insect hotel is for. As said before, insects tend to bring benefits when we want to have or already have organic gardens in our garden.

But how does an insect hotel work? Generally, insects tend to pollinate plants, that is, they are able to transport the famous pollen from one place to another and in different plantations. This allows a plant to do its germination process properly or, in short, to be able to produce seeds.

Procedure to make an insect hotel

Before telling you how to build an insect hotel, the first thing you have to do is study very well the area where you will locate it, and this is because you must protect it from natural factors and risks such as strong winds and rain.

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Its location must be in a place where there are aromatic plants or flowers, since through them we can achieve the great attraction that attracts the insects we want to capture.

It’s a good idea to have flowers such as daisies, coriander, sunflowers, lavender or fennel which, due to the aroma they give off, have the capacity to attract the insects we are interested in.

The materials for an insect hotel should be the most appropriate for its successful construction, so that these small insects can be permanently housed and can form the colony that will bring the benefits to our plantation.

Use natural elements such as logs, straw or brick that allow you to easily open holes. You should also position the hotel on a base that can support its weight and the ravages of strong winds, and place a roof to protect the insects from rain or sun.

After all, the accommodation of certain animals in our garden is not so bad because we can benefit from their existence, especially if we are dedicated to the cultivation of plants and fruits. And what do you think, would you have your own hotel?

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