How to take care of the planet

como cuidar el planeta

Are you aware of what climate change is and how it affects the planet? Would you like to join the fight against environmental pollution? Thinking green now is everyone’s job and with this article you will learn how to take care of the planet.

In Greenuso we are aware that children are the future of the planet and they learn from our example, so we invite you to be eco-responsible from now on. Come on!

10 ideas for taking care of the environment

We propose 10 positive actions to take care of the environment that you can easily do from your home. Pay attention!

1. Don’t waste water

Use water consciously in all your daily routines, so try to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth or wash your hands. Wash your car with stored water and do not use a hose, avoiding wasting this vital resource.

como cuidar el planeta

Also, check if you have any water leaks at home and repair them in time. By making these simple changes to your daily routines you will save large amounts of water.

2. Save electricity at home

From now on, practice daily actions that involve saving energy. To do this, use low-energy light bulbs and appliances, turn off the TV, PC and other equipment when not in use.

3. Considers ecological means of transport

Today, in many cities around the world you will find eco-responsible means of transport such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles and electric scooters. These have been designed to reduce the environmental pollution generated in large metropolises.

4. Recycle, reuse or donate what you can

To reduce the accumulation of waste, donate clothes and shoes that you no longer use. Also, you can give free rein to your creativity by reusing some plastic, glass or cardboard containers as pencil holders, flowerpots, among others.

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5. Become a responsible consumer

Become a conscientious consumer when doing your shopping at the supermarket. Discard products packaged in polyethylene or other high-density plastic material and choose biodegradable or reusable products.

6. Use cloth or biodegradable bags

Biodegradable or cloth bags represent a more environmentally friendly alternative. Moreover, they are easy to fold and you can take them anywhere thanks to their more aesthetic designs than those made of plastic.

7. Avoid throwing garbage in the street

Not contaminating common spaces such as avenues, parks and even your neighborhood is a very kind act you can have with the planet. If you have any waste, throw it in the trash can or save it and throw it away when you get home.

8. Gives utility to organic waste

You can make home compost using organic waste such as dried leaves, raw fruit and vegetable leftovers, among others. In this way, you can offer the plants in your garden a fertilizer rich in nutrients, minerals and microorganisms.

From Greenuso we have for you a step by step guide on how to make home compost. Don’t forget to take a look!

9. Plant trees

If you plant a tree the planet will thank you because they produce oxygen, purify the air, form fertile soil, prevent erosion, beautify the landscape, keep rivers clean and ensure many more benefits.

You only need a small area of fertile land to plant a tree. Besides, you can enjoy this activity perfectly with your family.

10. Create ecological awareness in children

All these ways of taking care of the environment should be passed on to your children, nephews and nieces, siblings or any other little ones at home. In this way, from childhood they will know how to value the resources that our beautiful planet earth offers us.

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Actions taken by companies to care for the environment

Today, many brands have adopted corporate social responsibility policies to generate a positive impact within the ecosystem. This is extremely timely and necessary, since protecting the planet is everyone’s job.

Some of the ecological measures to minimise the environmental impact of business activity are as follows:

  • New green office buildings. Bioclimatic architecture is an eco-responsible alternative that makes the most of sunlight and saves electricity or gas.
  • They implement recycling policies. In this way, workers have managed to correctly manage and recycle paper or plastic in the office, providing them with a new utility.
  • New low energy consumption lighting or air conditioning equipment. These measures have become key to protecting the environment and simultaneously reducing costs.
  • Create reforestation campaigns. Some companies have managed to plant up to 5 thousand trees in different areas to repopulate deforested areas resulting from the felling of trees.
  • They invest in environmental research. This is how they go deeper into issues such as soil, water, waste management and others, in order to establish emerging plans to deal with pollutants.

In conclusion, today it is essential to become ecologically aware and start acting positively in the face of the threat of climate change, which is increasingly present in our lives.

If you put into practice these 10 tips on how to take care of the planet, you will be doing your bit to obtain a collective and global satisfactory result for our planet. Think about it!


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