How to separate the garbage at home?

Cómo separar la basura en casa

If you want to know more about How to separate the garbage at home? Then you have found the right post.

I want to start by telling you, that one day I found my son watching a television program about the environment. From then on, he became concerned about pollution and recycling.

As a good 8 year old, he asks questions, to which I give answers since I know very little about the subject. The truth is, I have even had to research and study the subject, and I have been completely surprised.

For a long time I thought I was perfectly able to separate inorganic and recyclable waste at home. However, I have found that I am not performing this task properly for the greatest benefit.

That’s why I want you to read this post, where I will show you the right way to separate the garbage at home. In this way “we will start the change from home”, as my son tells me.

Why should we separate the garbage in the house?

Cómo separar la basura en casa

It is important to separate the garbage from the house to contribute to the recycling chain. If we make a good separation, when the waste arrives at the plant where it is processed, part of it can be used. On the contrary, if it cannot be used, it is taken to the dump and we support the contamination.

What is organic and inorganic garbage?

The recognition of the type of garbage or waste is a primary factor when separating the garbage. Garbage can be distributed in two big groups according to its origin: organic and inorganic type.

Organic waste is waste of biological, animal or vegetable origin. This includes food scraps without bags, bones, eggshells, used napkins, feces, etc. In addition to this list, there are also dead animals, natural cork, fruits, vegetables, and fruit and vegetable peels.

On the other hand, inorganic garbage is garbage that does not come from living organisms. This type of waste is generally the result of human manufacture or industrialized processes.

These are types of inorganic garbage: glass bottles, aluminum cans, batteries, plastic containers, etc.

What should you consider when separating garbage in the house?

When separating garbage it is significant to consider what we should do to efficiently manage household waste.

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Initially, it is important to know how the garbage or waste is classified. We must separate and distribute the material that is recyclable and the material that is waste.

As we already know, plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, clothing and fabrics are all types of recyclable material. Of course, these objects should be kept clean when sorted.

Organic waste such as food scraps, plants, plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, and dirty fabrics are garbage. In addition, wet or damp waste that we throw away is garbage.

What should we do after separating the garbage?

It is necessary to go beyond the distribution or separation of waste, it is advisable to incorporate urban collection coding. This can be done through the following:

Cleaning and drying

Metal, glass, plastic, which are recycled, should be washed to keep them clean before throwing them away. We know that it is an activity that can be tedious or uncomfortable but with the passing of time it will become an everyday activity.

Distribution by color

It is advisable to distribute the waste according to its nature in large containers identified by colour. In the case of paper and cardboard identify them with blue color. For cans and plastic material, the colour yellow is recommended.

If the waste is glass, we must identify the container with the green color. Organic waste must be identified with the color brown. Finally, we will place the color grey in those containers where we place waste that cannot be recycled.

Identification by colour type can vary, i.e. be subject to some regulations of the municipality where we are resident.

Putting each material in its place

We must inform ourselves if we do not know where any specific type of waste should be placed. It may be the case that we do not know where to put some not very common material and we empty it into the wrong container.

Do not make mistakes

If you really want your garbage to be recycled, don’t do things like putting cardboard into plastic bags. Also, don’t put the plastic inside plastic bags, that is, don’t fill one material with another to avoid inconveniences.

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It is also necessary to verify that the bags in which we are going to place the waste are properly closed. This is so that the organic waste is not thrown away and mixed with the inorganic waste.

What is organic waste recycling all about?

It is generally mentioned that recyclable elements are generally of the inorganic type, with the exception of paper and cardboard. However, it is also important to consider the recycling of organic waste in our homes.

This recycling refers to transforming organic waste into resources or materials that can be used for some benefit. Considering that organic waste is biodegradable, it can be used to make fertilizer and other purposes.

Organic waste also causes an environmental impact so it is necessary to recycle it to reduce pollution levels.

What can we do beyond separating the garbage?

The idea is not only to apply ways to guarantee efficient waste separation, but also to create environmental awareness. We can help by applying strategies that minimize the environmental impact of the garbage we generate at least from our homes.

A useful activity is to substitute as much as possible, the use of inorganic products by biodegradable products. This can be applied perfectly with cups, dishes, bags, and other materials that we commonly use in our homes.

We must always support the initiative of biodegradable, ecological or compostable products that are on the market. Any initiative that is in favour of the environment is worth adopting and making it part of our lives.

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