Food delivery. How to carry it out

reparto de comida

Food delivery is one of the most successful actions in any food business. Carrying it out in the most efficient way and on time is essential for customers to be satisfied or not.

Today, a large percentage of people order food to go, either to their home or office. This, motivated to their occupations or to enjoy a different menu. However, presentation and punctuality of delivery will be the key to this service. Because, it is very unpleasant for anyone who, when their order arrives, it looks bad or is cold.

To achieve this you will need the appropriate containers and utensils that allow a good presentation and better conservation of the food. At Greenuso we offer you all the disposable products that you will need for your food deliveries, find out about this and other details in the next entry!

Recommendations for food delivery

reparto de comida en cestas

In order to bring food to a client it is necessary to take care of the details with delicacy and care. Therefore, we bring you the following recommendations to make the food delivery a success:

1. Proper presentation of the menu

The restaurant must make sure that the menu has an adequate accommodation and presentation. It must remember that the food will be moved and that there must be a guarantee that the food will maintain a good appearance until the moment of delivery.

Each menu should have an original but organized, attractive and colorful presentation. You should choose packaging suitable for the type of food that has a comfortable layout.

In the case of raw vegetables such as salads, it is recommended that they be placed separately from the hot food and without the dressing. With this you will avoid that they arrive withered to their destination and the dressing is placed aside so that the client can place it to his liking.

2. Quick transport

In food delivery it is always very important to be on time. The transport must be in accordance with the amount of food to be delivered. As a company you must be clear about how important it is to have means of transport that allow you to place all orders quickly and safely.

3. Be predictable

A food delivery service should always take into account that many unforeseen situations can occur. Therefore, some aspects must be considered such as the exhaustion of the stock of menus or any material necessary to carry out the delivery.

In the case of transport, traffic and vehicle breakdowns must be considered. Generally, you should have a truck that has a larger capacity and a vehicle that moves more easily like a motorcycle.

Also, one must be aware that the customer must be held as responsible as possible.

4. Ensuring the right temperatures

In the case of fruits, juices or any food that requires maintaining a cold temperature it is important to have isothermal bags. This way, you will avoid any cross contamination or damage to the food.

Hot meals must be properly protected to prevent heat from escaping and coming in cold. It is very unpleasant for a person who buys recent food to have to reheat the food.

5. Maintain good hygiene habits among delivery staff

It is important that the delivery staff have knowledge of sanitary food handling measures. Other objects, such as personal items, utensils or mobile phones, should never be placed in the thermal cellars. This will prevent cross-contamination of food.

It is recommended that you wear gloves when delivering food and make sure you change them at every delivery. This in turn offers greater confidence to the customer.

6. Use quality food containers

If the food is of good quality, but not placed in good containers, it could even affect its taste. That is why it is extremely important to have containers made of the best materials that allow quality conservation.

Nowadays, the market offers you a great variety, but the most recommended and in demand are the ecological packages. These are made of materials that are not toxic to people, plastic is no longer an option.

You can choose biodegradable or compostable materials that are environmentally friendly. Among the most common materials are cellulose, corn starch or bagasse. Despite being biodegradable materials they are very good at preserving food.

7. Nice and friendly staff

One aspect you cannot neglect is choosing good staff to deliver. It is important that the delivery person is fast and competent, but kindness and good manners cannot be neglected.

In any business the client is right and should be given a pleasant and quality treatment. The satisfaction that remains to a customer after a good treatment is the hallmark of a good business.

Where to buy the best containers and utensils for food delivery?

Our greenuso.com store is one of the most recommended options for the acquisition of containers and utensils for food delivery. Our main value is the manufacture and sale of ecological products to contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment. We are concerned about reducing the impact that the use of plastic leaves on the planet for many years.

From our catalogue of offers you will find containers, utensils, plates, glasses, napkins, bags and even tablecloths made of organic materials. The raw materials we use for the elaboration of these products are palm leaf, cellulose, starch, cardboard, among others.

Our packaging is perfect for carrying, preserving and storing food. As they do not contain paints or other chemicals they are not toxic to humans. In addition, they are friendly to the environment.

If you have decided to buy our products you will be buying ecological packaging at the best price on the market. The best thing is that the purchase process is very easy and simple, from the web and receive in the comfort of your home or business.

With the right eco-friendly packaging, food delivery will be carried out with higher quality and no changes to the food. What are you waiting for?

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