Efficient water consumption in restaurants: steps to achieve it

Consumo eficiente de agua en restaurantes: Pasos para lograrlo

Efficient water consumption is necessary and we will tell you the reason, not only so that you know it but also so that you recognize the importance of efficient water consumption.

One of the most important natural resources for life is water and although it is known to everyone that it is not an inexhaustible source, at present its inadequate consumption puts development at risk in various areas.

Therefore, the restaurant sector is taking actions that seek to ensure efficient water consumption by providing a quality service that allows for savings in the optimal distribution of the vital liquid.

Next, we will share with you some of the most important tips for achieving efficient water consumption in your restaurant and we will teach you good usage practices.

Tips for efficient water consumption in restaurants

Consejos para el consumo eficiente de agua en restaurantes

To achieve success and reduce water consumption in restaurants, it is necessary to implement a set of actions that allow you to enjoy the vital liquid without restrictions.

Here we will share some tips that will help you reduce consumption and make the most of water:

Sanitary facilities

In restaurants, bars and cafes, water consumption depends on the use of the tap and the flushing of the toilet.

For this reason, in these spaces we recommend the use of taps with pedals for their efficiency.

Another option available is the use of double-button mechanisms to reduce water consumption when flushing the toilet.


Your restaurant’s cleaning equipment is another aspect that will determine the responsible use of water in your business.

The use of efficient cleaning machines in your restaurant will keep your premises clean, using the right amount of water and cleaning products.

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An excellent alternative for cleaning your restaurant is to use non-sudsing detergents, products that do not affect the environment and that can be used in the machines to clean them without causing damage.

Awareness campaigns aimed at customers and employees

To encourage proper water consumption in your restaurant, you should implement actions to promote good water use.

One of these actions is to invite your restaurant’s customers and collaborators to participate in the search for new ways to reduce water consumption.

You can also choose to inform the public, through the use of posters and information sheets placed in the toilets, about the best practices for water consumption.

And finally, raise awareness about the proper use of water with the cleaning staff in your restaurant through regular talks and meetings.

In this type of action, it is necessary to implement mechanisms to obtain feedback from the participants and to know if the training has been adequate or requires the implementation of new actions.

Good practices for efficient water consumption

Buenas prácticas para el consumo eficiente de agua

To make the most of water consumption, it is necessary to implement good practices that contribute to the efficient consumption of this natural resource, among which we can mention

  • Measure the current water consumption in the restaurant to establish the real needs.
  • Inspect the water facilities to verify that they are working properly.
  • Choose efficient sanitary installations and devices that allow for a reduction in water consumption such as: aerators, tap flow reducers or double-flushing mechanisms for toilets.
  • Choose efficient appliances that optimize the proper use of water.
  • Install air conditioners with an air cooling system.
  • Select plants that adapt to the climate conditions where the restaurant is located.
  • It uses low water consumption irrigation systems by sprinkling, dripping or exudation.
  • It encourages the adoption of habits that allow for a reduction in water consumption.
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How to reduce water consumption in restaurants?

¿Cómo reducir el consumo de  agua en restaurantes?

Among the recommendations that will allow you to reduce water consumption in restaurants are

Use efficient machinery

This type of machinery allows the adequate consumption of water, achieving the fulfillment of the activities without wasting this precious liquid.

For this purpose, there are some devices such as air conditioners, dishwashers, coffee machines and ice machines that have an efficiency label that will not only allow you to save water but also energy.

Optimize your faucets

Installing water reduction systems on taps, which will allow for a reduction in water consumption when using the sinks and dishwasher.

You can optimize the taps by using aerators, presence detectors, timers.

It is also necessary to periodically check the taps to prevent the presence of leaks or damage to the facilities.

Implementing efficient processes in the kitchen

One of the most common mistakes we see in the kitchen, occurs before starting to prepare food.

When defrosting food under water until it is ready for cooking or using the dishwasher with a half load.

These common practices result in unnecessary water wastage, which can be avoided by implementing efficient measures, defrosting food in the refrigerator or filling the dishwasher before running it.

Maintain continuous training

Providing ongoing training to your employees and customers will not only reduce water consumption, but will also encourage the search for solutions to make the most of water use.

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