Ecology is written with three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle

Restaurante sostenible – Tendencia que se expande

Since 1950, many companies have invested large sums of money in sales strategies aimed at persuading consumers that they need to buy their products on a regular basis.

The planet is inhabited by approximately 7 billion people who every day are buying and throwing away waste, creating an endless cycle that brings with it high levels of pollution

Likewise, the manufacture of all these products by means of industries emits gases and substances that, without realizing it, are deteriorating the environment.

You can also see how natural resource reserves are depleted because there is no conscious management. While the pollution generated by the industries unbalances the ecosystem.

The result is clear and obvious: we are facing the effects of climate change.

The three Rs in detail

Las tres R en detalle

The 3Rs rule of ecology, better known as the 3Rs rule or simply 3Rs, is an approach made popular by Greenpeace.

The main objective of the proposal is to develop responsible consumption habits.

Responsible consumption refers to the strategies that should be used to manage waste, develop strategies to make the most of each material and give priority to reducing the amount of waste generated.

In 2004, the 31st G8 summit was held, where the Japanese Prime Minister, Koizumi Junichiro, presented a project in which, with the help of the three Rs, it will be possible to guide society towards a life where recycling is the protagonist.

In April 2005, at an assembly of ministers representing the United States, France, Germany, and 20 other countries, they discussed ways in which the three Rs would be implemented internationally.

It is important that there is an understanding and recognition of how the consumer habits we develop on a daily basis relate to the negative impact they cause on the environment.

Therefore, it is of utmost urgency that we create awareness of how our actions can worsen environmental pollution problems or help to reduce it.

We will now explain in detail what each of the three R’s is about and what their impact is on the environment.



If pollution is reduced, the impact on the environment decreases. The reduction is implemented on two levels: moderating the consumption of resources and energy, and avoiding the existence of materials destined for single use.

It helps to reduce by buying products that do not have packaging, trying not to buy products with chemicals and buying only what we need at home, so that products that are harmful to the environment are not discarded.

Buying fewer products helps to reduce the amount of energy, water and raw materials used in the manufacture of products.

At the same time, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are produced during the transport of each product to the points of sale and minimizes pollution from its disposal.

Actions such as using reusable cloth bags or printing on both sides of a sheet of paper are used to stop intensive logging.



The second R is based on reusing any object with the purpose of giving it a second use.

All material has more than one use, no matter if you repair it for the same use or think about what other function it would have in your home, office, school or wherever.

This second strategy involves the purchase of second-hand items. In this way, the product is given a new use and the purchase of new products is reduced.

If we all start reusing, companies will have to lower their manufacturing levels, thus reducing the emissions from their manufacture

If you reduce your consumption habits, following the definition of sustainable consumption, it will be an easy task to start reusing the items you – day by day – discard, adjusting them to objects you need at home



It is the most popular R’s since many companies have bet on the manufacture of recyclable products. Recycling is about using an object in the same way as its original function or using it to make another product.

There are many reasons to recycle: natural resources are preserved, pollution levels are lowered, the useful life of objects is extended regardless of whether they have a different use.

It also saves energy, slows down deforestation and helps eliminate the space occupied by waste and the risk of it ending up as floating debris in any body of water.

You can also help from home by separating the products you are going to dispose of.

Not only do you have to find a new use for them, you can also dispose of them in the ecological containers. It takes into account the type of material and allows them to be processed for reuse.

If you have food leftovers at home, composting is the way these leftovers are recycled so that plants can absorb the nutrients in those foods.

Why should we adopt this rule in our lives?

Adoptar las tres r en nuestras vidas

Using the 3Rs rule of ecology has a positive impact on the environment, reducing the levels of gas emissions that promote the greenhouse effect and pollution of the planet.

In addition, it represents an economic benefit as it allows for the reduction of unnecessary expenses and the use of recycled material, instead of extracting raw material from nature.

On the other hand, this model of consumption and sustainable development has the capacity to work for many years to achieve greater reductions in environmental pollution.

Products that promote the three R’s

Productos que promueven las tres R

There are shops that specialize in marketing ecological products for various facets of our lives.

Greenuso is one of them. In our online shop, you will find a wide range of ecological products which, apart from helping you in your daily life, do not generate any type of damage to the environment.

Most products are made of eco-friendly materials. Sugar cane fibers, bioplastics obtained from corn starch, recycled cardboard and paper, palm leaf and bamboo are some of the materials.

With these materials, plates, cutlery, glasses, trays, straws, napkins, thermoses, ecological bags and many other products are manufactured.

Depending on the raw material and the type of product you select, you will have the ability to reduce, reuse or recycle.

For example, sugar cane tableware is 100% biodegradable. PLA bioplastic cups are compostable and our cardboard boxes can be fully recycled.

As a premium service of the store, we have the process of customizing the products that you get in the Greenuso online store.

The personalization of products is ideal to give a special touch to celebrations of great importance and interest, such as weddings, baptisms, anniversaries or birthdays.

If you want to know about various products that will allow you to make a favorable change in your life, visit our online store and learn about all the options we have for you.

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