Ecological toothbrushes: tips for choosing the best

Ecological toothbrushes: tips for choosing the best

Would you like to brush your teeth without feeling that by doing so you are harming the environment? There is an ecological alternative that you will love to know about. It is the ecological toothbrushes and from Greenuso we want to talk to you about them.

These brushes are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable. Moreover, the materials that make them up have been produced ecologically. If you want to choose the best one, stay with us and you will know everything you have to take into account to achieve it.

What are ecological toothbrushes and why should we use them?

They are toothbrushes made totally or partially from biodegradable materials, that is, they are naturally degraded. When they are discarded, most of their components will disappear in a matter of months, becoming part of the earth again in a natural way.

According to a study, we can use 300 toothbrushes in our lifetime. As most of them are made of plastic, the result would be a ball of approximately 5 kg of synthetic waste that will not disappear from the environment in a good time.

Therefore, if you can buy an ecological toothbrush you should do so, as the planet will thank you for it.

Types of ecological toothbrushes

There are different types of ecological toothbrushes, all of them are an alternative to the conventional toothbrush made of plastic. Generally, they are manual, as it is not common to get an ecological electric toothbrush.

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Below, we show you the main types that exist on the market:

100% biodegradable toothbrushes

The handle of these toothbrushes is made from biodegradable materials such as beech wood. The bristles also degrade naturally because they are made from pig’s hair.

These types of brushes are the only fully biodegradable ones on the market today.

Ecological toothbrushes with nylon bristles

As their name suggests, these brushes are not fully biodegradable because they have nylon bristles . Therefore, when disposing of them, it is important to remove the bristles with a tweezer and place them in the waste basket corresponding to the plastics.

On the other hand, the handle is biodegradable and generally is made of bamboo . Nevertheless, it can that in some cases another class of wood is used.

Tips to choose the best ecological toothbrush

Here are some tips for choosing the best ecological toothbrush:

  • If the brush has nylon bristles, make sure it is free of Bisphenol A (BPA ). This is a chemical considered as an endocrine disruptor that alters the endocrine system.
  • Some people find bristles made from pig’s hair a bit hard, although this will depend on the brand you buy. On the other hand, these sows are not an option for vegans.
  • Some organic brushes come with nylon 6 bristles made from castor oil, without petroleum derivatives.
  • If you want a bamboo brush looks for one elaborated with moso bamboo or of winter. This variety is not consumed by the panda bears.
  • Make sure that the wood of your brush comes from a certified culture like FSC. This means that it respects forests, animals, people and the environment in general.
  • Some manufacturers use laser engraving to avoid the use of inks.
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After reading up to here we hope that you can choose the best ecological toothbrush by following these tips. From Greenuso we encourage you to brush with one of these tools to contribute to the care of the environment.

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