Green activities for the school with recycled and reusable materials

Having children initiate ecological activities for school is a good way to stimulate their love, care, respect and protection of the environment.

Creative recycling is the best way to raise awareness about the importance of not wasting resources. In addition, they are ecological activities that children like and enjoy, and with which they can let their imagination run wild. Thus, wonderful projects can be created from a simple cardboard box, plastic bottles and other disposable materials.

Read on to find out about the most interesting and fun ecological activities for the school. So simple that you can do them with your own hands and without spending a lot of money. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Fun green activities for the school

Actividades ecológicas para la escuela

Here are some ecological ideas with different recycled materials, ideal for teaching children the importance of caring for and respecting nature.

Recycling containers

It begins classes by instructing children in the separation of waste for the collection of sorted paper, glass, plastic, among others.

This project can be done with cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and even tires.

In this case we will use cardboard boxes, glue, paints in the color of the recycling and decorative details to identify each container.

Start by painting each of the cardboard boxes in a different color. Green is for glass containers, yellow for plastic and blue for paper and cardboard.

To make it easy for children to distinguish each container, put decorative details representing the types of waste that should go into each box. In this way, children will correctly classify everything that is to be recycled.

School Garden

Creating an organic school garden is a great way to promote attitudes of respect and care for the natural environment. In addition, you can create beautiful designs using reusable materials such as tires, bottles, egg cartons and others.

To make a school garden with plastic bottles the possibilities are endless. It all depends on your creativity and imagination to create authentic designs.

You can make vertical pots, cutting the bottle in half, fill it with soil and plant the plant of your choice. Also, you can make horizontal pots, making a hole in the center where the plant will go. Now, hang it up or place it on an old piece of furniture or shelf.

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Don’t forget to involve the children in the process, they usually enjoy outdoor activities. They can even have their own little plant to involve them directly, so their satisfaction will be greater, especially when they can grow the fruits and eat them.

Classroom organizers

The organization of the materials in children’s education is fundamental in any classroom, since it helps the child in the establishment of routines. In addition, it creates a pleasant and comfortable environment where children can develop freely.

Making organizers for the classroom is quite simple, you can make them out of cardboard boxes, plastic bottles or glass containers. Also, you can use plastic cups, polystyrene trays, freezer bags and even spice boxes ideal for small pieces, glitter and other materials.

Both plastic bottles and glass containers are perfect for storing colors, pencils, scissors and markers. While the boxes can be used to make shelves where you can organize books, stories, leaves, cardboard, among others.

Adding machine

To make a adding machine you need a cardboard box, a tube of gift paper, objects to count, which can be the lids of plastic bottles. Also, you need tubes of toilet paper, paints and a marker.

The cardboard box will be the base of the machine, you can paint it and decorate it according to your taste, as well as each piece of the machine.

Then, make two holes in the box at the top to insert the gift wrap tubes. Then, fold the front flap of the box and make two triangular cuts so that the objects go towards the center. And, make two triangular cuts in the flap so that they can come out.

Now, cut the gift wrap in half and you will have two tubes. These should have a triangular cut at the bottom, where the counting objects will come out.

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Finally, insert the tubes through the holes you had previously made, and then insert the toilet paper holder. In these you will draw the numbers from 0 to 9 to be able to do the sums.

Learn the letters with caps

This is a colourful and ecological game created with recycled plastic bottle caps and a cardboard board. In this game, you will make several circles the size of the cap where you will write the letters of the alphabet in small letters.

Now, prepare the caps by drawing on the top the letters of the alphabet in capital letters. You can also make them with cardboard or EVA range in different colours and stick them on top of the cap.

Once you have the game ready, the children can play, placing each letter with its respective partner. Without a doubt, this is an ecological and educational activity that any teacher can implement in the school so that the children learn the alphabet.

Maracas with plastic cups


This is a project you can do with the children in the classroom to explain to them the importance of admiring and preserving nature. At the same time, it is an activity that helps children to develop creativity and psychomotor skills.

To make a maraca you need two glasses, grains, tape, paints and decorative objects. First, you must paint the glasses the color of your choice and decorate them as you wish. You can stick crazy eyes on them or just draw them with a marker and make a fun hair with yarn for crafts.

Then fill one third of a glass with grains and join the two glasses with the adhesive tape and that’s it. The children open it and create their own toy that they can take home, to a party or give as a fun gift.

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