10 exclusive ideas to make a home vertical garden

10 ideas exclusivas para hacer un jardín vertical casero

The tendency to make a vertical garden responds to the need to adapt to the spaces we have.

For example, when we live in an apartment or a house without large spaces, making a home garden is the perfect way to have a small piece of nature in your small interior space.

Is it expensive to install an upright garden?

It can be, but if you do it yourself, with the ideas we offer in this post, you will be able to make beautiful creations, without big investments and much faster than you think.

Let’s see 10 exclusive ideas to make a home vertical garden easy and simple.

Home-made vertical garden made with wooden pallets

Jardín vertical casero hecho con palets de madera

Wooden pallets are very precious materials to recycle. They can be used to make an endless number of recycled products from their attractive shape.

To make an economical home upright garden with pallets you will need, in addition to pallets, semi-rigid plastic, wood nails, wood sandpaper, metal or plastic mesh, soil and the plants you want to plant.

Before we start doing an upright garden we must make sure we are working safely. Take the sandpaper and pass it around all the edges, so you avoid getting any wood splinters in your hands.

Also, check that there are no nails protruding from the pallet that could hurt you during the manufacture of the pallet or in the future.

Once the structure is prepared, we place the metal or plastic mesh on the back of the pallet, in this way we will give the necessary base to the pallet so that the soil and plants do not get out of it.

Line the back of the pallet with the semi-rigid plastic, use the nails to fix the plastic to the wood. If you have a special stapler for wood the result will be much better.

The idea of the plastic is to reinforce the structure that we made previously with the plastic or metal mesh. Each of the levels must be converted into a pot.

Turn the pallets over. If you want to add some colour to the wood or varnish it, it is time.

When the pallet has the style you want, place the soil inside the structure and transfer the plants, taking care not to damage the roots.

When you finish transplanting all your plants, water them and leave them to get some sun. The idea is that they get used to their new home and understand the space.

Then, take your vertical garden inside your house.

Vertical garden of pallets and pots

Jardín vertical de palets y macetas

Don’t you trust the plastic and mesh structure to make your garden vertical? It’s okay, we have a choice for you here.

Start by preparing the surface as we did in the previous idea. Sand it to remove the splinters and check that there aren’t any nails out or raised in a dangerous way.

Paint the surface of the pallet the color of your choice. White is perfect and very elegant to make a home and economical vertical garden.

With the help of S-shaped metal hooks, attach several plastic planters to the structure of your pallet. So that you can plant the plants you want to incorporate into your vertical garden.

By using S-hooks to place the pots you have the advantage of having a removable garden. Therefore, when you need to water the plants, you can take out the pots, water them and put them back in place when they stop dripping.

Make a vertical home garden with a window

Hacer un jardín vertical casero con una ventana

Remember that this is about imagination. Any structure can be used to make an inexpensive home vertical garden.

If you come across an old window or have one in the house that you plan to throw away, don’t do it!

Before you throw something away, think about what else you could create with it, what need you could satisfy with some changes. This way you get something that you need and you recycle raw material, contributing a grain of sand to the conservation of the environment.

How can we make a vertical garden at home? It’s simple. Let’s take a look at it step by step.

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Depending on the material used to make the window, we must prepare the whole structure. Sand it, paint it or leave it as it is, everything will depend on the style of your house and the area where you will place the window.

With the help of a textile gardening net, assemble the spaces that will serve as flowerpots. You should do this on the inside of the window. Remember that they are not very thick, so you should choose plants that are ideal for small spaces.

After fixing the mesh over the window, line everything with semi-rigid plastic. This will allow moisture to remain inside the structure.

With the help of a pair of scissors or a knife, open small pockets in the textile mesh and insert the soil where you will plant the plants.

When you finish, if the ideal soil is fertilized, place the plants in the right place.

This way, in just a few steps you will have a spectacular vertical home garden that will catch everyone’s eye.

Another way to recycle a pallet: letter garden!

Otra forma de reciclar un palet: ¡Jardín de letras!

If you still can’t decide on the two ideas above, here’s another one.

For this one you have to have some knowledge in handling carpentry tools.

With the help of a hammer, dismantle the entire structure of the pallet. This task must be done with a lot of patience, pallet manufacturers use special and very long nails to build a structure that must be very durable.

When you get all the slats, think about how you’re going to put the lettering together. Cut the pieces of wood with a saw or an electric saw.

Use nails and wood glue to make the lettering. Wait until the whole structure is fixed before continuing.

Then line the inside with plastic and textile mesh. Create the pockets for the soil and plants.

The plants known as succulents are ideal for this type of vertical garden because, due to their way of growing, they will allow the letter to be seen without effort.

Recycle that old furniture

Recicla ese viejo mueble

Drawer furniture, the kind you don’t want at home anymore, can help you make an upright garden at home.

The first thing we advise you to do is to prepare the inside of each drawer, covering the whole interior with semi-rigid plastic, to preserve the wood from humidity.

You have two options, fill the boxes with plant soil or place small pots inside each one. The second option is the best, as it will allow you to better control the possible damage that time and humidity will do to the wood in the furniture.

Start from the bottom up, each level of drawers should be opened a little less. At the end, it will look like a ladder.

To counteract the weight of the plants in the open drawers, place a few more plants on top of the furniture. This will act as a counterweight and prevent the plants from falling down.

Vertical gutter garden

Jardín vertical de canelones

The gutters, known in some countries as gutters, are those semicircular structures that are placed at the edges of the roofs to channel the water that runs through them during the rains.

These structures are perfect to make a vertical garden in a wall of your house, office or business.

We advise you to cover the wall with black plastic, the one used in gardening, to make sure that humidity does not generate structural damage to your home.

Then, fix several brackets on the wall where you will later install the gutters. Keep in mind that this structure, despite being small, will have an important weight. Therefore, the supports must be well fixed to the wall.

Place the soil in the gutters and plant the plants. Water them with a little water and enjoy the natural beauty of your new space.

Glass and wooden jars for your plants

Tarros de cristal y madera para tus plantas

If you have several glass jars at home and are not going to use them, we give you an idea to recycle them and avoid throwing useful material in the trash.

In wood strips, create a support structure where you can insert and fix the glass jars to the wood. You can use metal clamps attached to the wood and carefully clamp the glass jar to the wood.

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Put compost in each of the glass jars and plant a plant in each of them.

Bear in mind that the glass will not allow the water to drain, so do not add too much water when you water them, you will avoid the plant rotting or dying because it has too much humidity in your habitat.

To finish, you will only have to fix the wooden strip with the glass jars on the wall of your preference, giving a unique touch to your home.

Gardens with old doors

Jardines con puertas viejas

Do you know which are those old doors that were used in the closets or windows that resembled blinds?

Well, those are ideal for making a quick and very eye-catching home vertical garden.

Take the old door, cover the back with textile mesh and semi-rigid plastic.

Add some soil to each of the gutters and place the plants that will make up your garden, we recommend the succulents and some types of cactus. They will adapt to the space and do not require very constant watering to live.

Shoemakers as vertical garden

Zapateras como jardín vertical

Now let’s go with another ideal idea to recycle that old shoe rack you have in your room and it does nothing but save dust.

The first thing would be to paint the whole pot in a colour that goes with your decoration. You can use spray paint that does not contain ingredients that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Place some soil in each compartment of the shoemaker and plant the plant you want. These types of shoemakers are usually sturdy, however, to prevent breakage, use a little soil and small plants.

It is also ideal that the plants do not need much water to live, so you will avoid the weight of wet soil to damage your vertical planter.

Is the ladder damaged? It’s perfect for making a home vertical garden

¿Se dañó la escalera? Es perfecta para hacer un jardín vertical casero

Many times we have things at home that we keep for the memories they bring. For example, an old wooden staircase that the passage of time made unsafe.

Maybe it’s an inheritance or you bought it a few years ago and don’t want to throw it away.

Use the structure to make a cheap vertical garden.

You have several options: use pots the length of each step of the staircase or small pots on each step, no matter what you choose, we assure you it will be beautiful.

As for the stairs, you have several options and everything will depend on what goes best with the space you plan to crown with the vertical garden.

You can cut the ladder and put it on a wall, open it and have a vertical garden that you can move, and you can also rehabilitate the surface or leave it as it is.

Either way, the ladder will have its history and you can proudly tell it to your family while they enjoy the view of a beautiful vertical garden.

Reasons to make a home vertical garden

Razones para hacer un jardín vertical casero

You already have several ideas for making an upright garden, you can use them as we mentioned, combine them and even change some of the aspects so that they adapt more to the personality of your home. You are free to do so.

Finally, we want to list the main reasons for having a vertical garden in your spaces:

  • It creates a stronger bond with nature and all the family members or inhabitants of the house.
  • Improve the internal climate of your home and the quality of the air you breathe. With these two benefits, it is enough to make a home vertical garden right now.
  • You will have a nice space to play, read, talk or just sit and rest while enjoying a good glass of wine.
  • The variety of plants and flowers is immense, so you’re sure to find something to suit your dreams.
  • Making a home vertical garden is an excellent activity to do with your family, creating indelible memories and strong ties between you.

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